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  1. What are your thoughts on these r9 irons? Is there a certain one I should be looking for? Hearing there are different versions of this iron set. So many good ideas in this thread. Right now I’m intrigued by j15 mb 2013 callaway x forged (would love if someone can chime in on why these are so good) callaway legacy black Ping s55 2011 Taylormade tour preferred mc (if anyone has extra insight it would be great) titleist cb (if there’s a undeniable cb model better than others would love to know) elimin
  2. That really sucks you had to go through so many sets. I hear a lot of things about the 680 cb. Have you had any experience with those?
  3. Wow that really sucks. What did you eventually find to replace?
  4. When it comes to old sticks I care. Especially when a player uses something old that they can’t get out of the bag. You wouldn’t get it
  5. I just checked the USGA database and the 2004 RAC CB is not conforming...is that right? Edit: I'm an idiot. It's exactly like you said, conforming till 2024
  6. Awesome! Are they conforming to the groove rule? I play in quite a few tournaments and wanted to make sure before picking up a set
  7. Do you guys think these rac cb keep up with modern day irons? I have a chance to purchase a set and was wondering if anyone had an opinion on the forgiveness/performance. Thanks!
  8. So I went to roger dunn just to look around and stumbled on to the Bridgestone j15 mb irons. Absolutely loved the shape of the head and groove pattern. I noticed the groove pattern makes me think the sweet spot is more towards the toe than other irons. Does anyone know of any other iron heads that make you think the sweet spot looks closer to the toe than heel? Something about the top few grooves on the face did it for me. ESP the really short scoring line at the top of the face
  9. I actually never cared about clubs until very recently. I played a set of Mizuno mp14 in high school but had zero idea about equipment in general. There are some great ideas in this thread that I’ll have to look up.
  10. Hey everyone, you guys have helped me make some awesome putter choices so wanted to see if I could get some help with some irons. I wanted to get a set of irons that are older but just as good as anything out today. Preferably something that has a cult following/tour verified. My initial research research led to things like the callaway legacy black, Daniel Berger’s TM irons and such. Forgiving blades(if that exists) would also be ok too Little bit of background, currently playing the mp18 mmc with modus 120x shafts. Traveled all the way to Toronto to see Ian Fraser of TXG and I do
  11. That’s in such good shape wow. Seeing it in that condition makes me want to take mine off the market
  12. There’s just something about the Yes! face milling that’s addictive. It’s really tacky/cheap looking but I sort of love it
  13. Oh man I completely missed it. Would love to see them release some models with the C Groove face even though it was really just done for Fitzy
  14. Does anyone know how much this yes Tracy 2 putter grip would weigh? Thanks!
  15. If they ever release the Fitzpatrick model it may be the putter of the year. Till then staying out of the Betti game
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