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  1. Awesome thanks! If I settle for the retail xt I’ll have to snag a xt 70tx. Hate to be that guy but I still want that xts . Whether it’s the 60 xts or 70 xts hopefully I find one. Super helpful information
  2. Ok so the xts and xt are exactly the same shaft then outside of the graphics? Is the exact one that Rory is using the xt 70tx then? I know he uses the xts 70 x but I just want to grab the EXACT same shaft spec wise that he plays in the retail version.
  3. For all of the Diamana experts out there, can someone tell me if there is a difference between the original Diamana whiteboard 63 gram and 73 gram x flex? Outside of the obvious weight difference is there a difference in feel and performance? Trajectory and spin? Preference of one vs another? Looking to put one of these in a driver. Thanks guys!
  4. Thanks for the help. Always learning new things
  5. Thanks howard. The parallel tip section for the original Diamana white flowerband is 3 inches
  6. Yup, definitely know Grafalloy didnt make any diamanas but just wanted to see if the tip trim instructions were universal for graphite shafts pre 2009. Thanks!
  7. Hey Howard, a little off topic but does this also apply to the original Diamana whiteboard and blueboards too? Trying to figure out if those were also designed for through bore like the grafalloy blue
  8. Looking for a og Diamana whiteboard 63 x5ct in X flex. Needs to have raw shaft length of at least 43.5 inches after 1.25 inches of tipping
  9. Definitely found it in Jason day and rory’s witb. Now locating one of these is gonna be a little hard Not sure if you have experience with the xt but does the xts and xt play exactly the same? Some say they’re slightly different
  10. That’s a massive help thanks! These seem impossible to find…I thought I might have found one cause it had “Mitsubishi chemical” instead of “Mitsubishi rayon” but didn’t have the xts etched next to it
  11. I’m trying to find a kuro kage xts (not xt) to buy but I have no clue what it really looks like. Are there any obvious markings or graphics that give away that it’s the xts shaft? Thanks guys!
  12. Hey guys, I noticed a seller on eBay named shaftking2021 generally has some awesome deals on shafts and was wondering if anyone can attest that they are a legit seller? 901 reviews with 100% feedback is a great sign but just wanted to double check if the golfwrx community has any feedback or experience with the seller. Thanks!
  13. That definitely doesn’t sound like the right shaft for me then. In the PD do you think a 50TX would work with 108 swing speed? What flex are you in?
  14. Really appreciate that feedback. That is an absolute no go for me then. Prob also why it hasn’t stuck around on tour PD seems like a great option. Any experience with the Speeder TR?
  15. Very interesting and I’m super intrigued by it. I like the white board profiles too with super beefed up mid sections. Does it have the occasional hook in that shaft? One thing that worries me is how little tour presence there is for the 1k. Ck pro white was a massive hit on tour
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