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  1. Hey! Found this putter on Facebook Marketplace and there was some chatter of it being fake. What do the experts say?
  2. I will buy whichever one you don’t want haha
  3. Sale Price-$799 Trying to trade a Sik Arm Lock Pro C that is basically mint. The putter has been used 4-5 times and is in really really good shape. Specifically looking for a Bettinardi BB1/BB0, Byron Morgan DH89, or a Scotty Cameron T22. If you have any other trade ideas of similar value PM and we can also discuss.
  4. Any idea on the price?
  5. Hey! Figured I’d start the yearly thread. Anybody hear about what the updates to the Select/Studio Select line are going to be for next year?
  6. Hey! Just bought my first Bettinardi arm lock putter. I was wondering what putter grips everybody uses on their arm locks.
  7. Because golfers that aren't mouth breathing idiots want a version of a 2 ball that has a white hot insert. I don't care who/what it's named after. Nobody cares what his strokes gained is. They just want the white hot insert.
  8. Just did this! Was wondering when you guys think the order for the "custom" putter will be shipped. Will it be the March 25th? April 1? Mid April? I'm just curious when I'll be receiving this awesome looking flatstick.
  9. Does anybody know when the stroke lab 10 2 balls are going to be released?
  10. 1) Winston Salem, NC 2) +0.4 handicap 3) ZX7 irons 3) Yes, I practice and play 3-4 times a week 4) Current: Mizuno JPX 900 Tours 5) The ZX7s are the same profile of the JPX 900 Tour irons but offer slightly more forgiveness. Since I am now in college and unable to play every day, a blade like profile with forgiveness is essential to my enjoyment of the game. 6) YES. I would love to!
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