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  1. Looking for a mint set in atleast 5-PW but prefer 4-PW with upgraded regular/stiff shafts let me know what is available thanks!
  2. Still hitting an opened up Epic Flash 5 wood with Ventus Velocore Blue 7 stiff a lot higher and further than any 3 woods on the market…
  3. Love the 2, nothing else has beat it since it hit the market
  4. Gen 3’s are great, love mine and the best they have made IMO
  5. Got in my Gen 4 X 10.5 today, ready to give it a rip this weekend
  6. Sick! They look great!
  7. I think so, it’s those or Gen 4 blacks for me upcoming
  8. I’m on the lookout for some black P’s they look awesome
  9. Awesome irons, my Gen 3 really need to sell I’d buy these in a heartbeat!
  10. waiting on some blacks
  11. Gen 3 are definitely the best feeling they have made, haven’t hit the 4’s but to use that big screw I’d want the black’s and not paying 3K for em
  12. The Gen 2 are the worst feeling irons PXG has made IMO
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