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  1. Looking for one besides the stock for my Cameron Futura X 5.5 thanks
  2. I didn’t care for the Gen 1’s, had my Gen 2 black P’s for over 2 years and just switched to the Gen 3 P’s as I didn’t care for the Gen 4. The Gen 3 feel the best to me and aren’t as thick/clunky as the prior Gen’s and are 3-5 yards longer and just as forgiving imo.
  3. Any comparison pics? Still hitting my Gen 2 black P’s and didn’t care for the Gen 3 in comparison, thinking about a Gen 4 combo set P/T!
  4. Looking for head only in 20 degree thanks
  5. Another morning round down and I just can’t get it to launch to my liking compared to my PXG Proto with a GD MJ, glad you guys have it working as it’s smooth as butter, maybe I need to hit the gym or learn how to launch it more but maybe my PXG is just setup on the money!
  6. hitting a 50 stiff tipped 1” and super accurate just playing with the launch to see if I can get it right
  7. 50 stiff tipped 1” in TSi2 at 45” without any other weights than stock in the head swingweight’s D2.5 on the nose for me
  8. Trying a 50 stiff in a TSi2 and as with the original PW I just can’t launch and spin it enough, yet a super accurate shaft that will not go left! Oh well off to other tinkering, yet it’s very smooth and the graphics are great, I may give it one more round!
  9. Turned the 9 to 10.5 and the heavy weight in the rear, bingo, now I’m sold! Just took a little time to get it right!
  10. Ofcourse I hit my black Gen2 P’s like a pro today with these on order
  11. Who cares? Pay the elevate price and build them as you wish, pretty simple
  12. Just ordered 5-GW 0211 ST’s I’ll post pics when in hand
  13. Had my heavy weight in the heel for some reason, moved it to the rear, once this crazy weather moves on I’ll do some more testing this weekend.
  14. Love my black Gen2’s and will hit them for a long time, just got the Proto and it isn’t my cup of tee, love the hybrids and irons they make though!
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