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  1. Let me know what’s available thanks!
  2. Looking for a new gamer to piddle with in the off season, under $2000 shipped Thanks
  3. Interested in a set of Gen 3 PXG irons in 5-GW and prefer the T over the P's with stiff or regular flex shafts, 85-105 grams Thanks
  4. on the money here, but the Gen 2 P’s are great, love my set, not interested in changing anytime soon
  5. LafFord


    They are butter, good friend plays them and hits them well, he has his Miura in the corner at the moment! Beautiful irons and I enjoyed the few I hit.
  6. Been hitting it since it came out and haven’t had a reason to change or look elsewhere, I hit the regular SIM and it is very accurate and very forgiving to me in mishits, no reason to change so far for me once I finally found the correct shaft
  7. They have a 5 wood for sale as well, would love to find something to beat out my Epic Flash 5 wood that’s cranked down a hair, I’ll never carry another 3 wood. Anyone hit these?
  8. Likewise, I want more time with the Gen 3's, but I haven't seen a reason to dump my Black Gen 2 P's yet, went to those from Gen 1 0311T, but love to look of the Gen 3
  9. Any Titleist account, cost is somewhat reasonable but not MSRP for a fake copy of the real thing
  10. Ordered one, waiting to compare to my SIM
  11. Stuck between the XP and P, yet nowhere to demo as of late, anyone try a combo?
  12. First round with mine yesterday, very distinct “ting” to it
  13. Received my FB 1.5 today in the H model and it feels way too heavy, E5 at 33.5 with a SS Traxion Pistol GT 1.0, I am not a huge fan as it sits closed to my eye.
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