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  1. I think that is the difference between Dicks and most other stores. Other stores are keeping their listing up and taking backorders. Dicks only lists the item when it is in stock, and then completely removes it once that stock is gone. I actually saw them in stock this morning when I saw that post - I simply went to their website and typed in "Garmin R10" and it popped up. Said 9 in stock. I hem-hawed for 30 minutes and then it was gone, now the item is not there anymore.
  2. I bought one of these over the summer and really like it. A little looser through the body than a "fitted" fit, which I like, but still a little more fitted through the arms so it looks nice and modern. Really lightweight and comfy and also super windproof. Looks to be just about out of stock at RockBottom but you might be able to find it elsewhere. https://www.rockbottomgolf.com/apparel/outerwear/greg-norman-golf-unisex-attack-life-heather-pullover-hoodie/
  3. I've been selling the idea (to my wife) of setting up a cheap sim in our garage for me... err... my 8 year old to use over the winter. My current plan is to pick up an R10 once they're more available and sorted out. The best cheap way to use it would be to use the free E6 range and 5 courses, unfortunately, I am an Android guy, so I don't own any iOS devices. Looking for advice on the cheapest iPad that anyone has had success with running E6 Connect. My limited research looks like I can get an iPad 5th gen (which is on E6's requirement list) for ~$200 used. Anything else I am missing? Has anyone used an older generation successfully?
  4. I've been looking at a good solution for this as well, and have been intrigued by the lasers used in darts to project a line on the floor to stand behind. Haven't tried anything with one yet, but thought it might help you. Something like this... https://www.amazon.com/Viper-Laser-Throw-Line-Marker/dp/B00FRMHZJA/ref=sr_1_5?dchild=1&keywords=darts+laser&qid=1633181806&sr=8-5
  5. @Ghostwedge is actually Bob Parson's burner account
  6. Besides being a giant weenie, I am also a huge fan of voting with my dollars, and I just can endorse that kind of idiocy. At the same time, I'm a huge Jim Herman fan (went to the same high school), so I do want to support his sponsors. Internal conflict, but I ultimately just couldn't do it.
  7. When the Gen4 drivers were on sale for $299, I went to their website, built one to my spec, and put it into my cart at least 4 different times. I am 100% not exaggerating that the sole reason I could never pull the trigger was because of their commercials, most specifically the hog one. I would literally feel embarrassed to have that club in my bag. I'm sure their ads have sold more than they have turned people off like me, but whatever, I just can't do it.
  8. I don't think he's bitching, just giving his opinion/feedback about why this is probably not the right device for a user with his needs. On the flip side, I am a user that will care mostly about ball data, and my 8 year old will LOVE any kind of simulator functionality. As soon as *maybe* teething issues are addressed and supply is up a bit, I'll almost definitely jump in.
  9. Looks like the bigger names are finally starting to make their reviews. He speaks mostly positive about it, but his results are... not so great. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p04m3fudF8M
  10. If I understand correctly, there are three ways to use this as a sim 1) Pay for home tee hero 2) Pay for E6 3) Get 5 free E6 courses when using iOS So for us Android users, there are no free paths to using as a sim. Can someone confirm the above is correct?
  11. Watching this with interest. I've been trying to justify a budget launch monitor for a while now as a good way to get some data while hitting into a net in the yard. The wildcard being that my 8 year old doesn't care about seeing a carry number, but would LOVE a simulator where he can actually see the shot go somewhere. Not ready to pull the trigger quite yet, but if this is what it looks like - equivalent to a Mevo launch monitor with somewhat accurate simulator... it is exactly what I want.
  12. I find it therapeutic to send constant sarcastic tweets to @uspshelp. It doesn't help the package get there faster, but it makes me feel better.
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