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  1. When I got mine, I stood in our front yard for like 15 minutes shooting distances to houses, stop signs, trees, etc. My wife told me I looked like a creep but I didn't care
  2. That is crazy. If it works but needs some duct tape on the battery door... still worth it. If it doesn't work... Amazon free returns FTW. Make sure you check not only yardage, but accuracy of the slope function. My first H-100's slope calculation was miscalibrated from the factory. Like I said above, Amazon returns got me a good unit 1 day later.
  3. Didn't see this earlier. I am 1 season in on my 747V's and still really happy with them. Planning on having a "retro" fitting session sometime this winter to check loft, lie, gapping, etc. I don't see them leaving my bag anytime soon.
  4. I can't seem to find the LM900H... link? Reversing the question a bit... is it worth $10 to take a long shot on the LM900H vs the H-100 that is at least a fairly proven device?
  5. Wow, that is an unbelievable steal. I have one full season with mine now, and it has been fantastic.
  6. I've been really happy with my Honma 747V's. Here's a 7 iron... Honma (left) vs MP-37's (right)
  7. Finally got these in the mail yesterday. They are... interesting. Material is flexible and really comfortable. Very pleased with that aspect. As far as joggers go... they are more like short pants. There is no elastic cuff at the bottom, so they just look like slim fit pants that are awkwardly short. Otherwise, I like them a lot. I am considering buying the next longer size to see if they would fit more like normal pants.
  8. I just ordered a few colors of these. I figured for $20 it is worth a shot... https://www.ae.com/us/en/p/men/performance-fleece-joggers/active-24-7-joggers/ae-active-flex-jogger/1229_4486_212
  9. Has anyone had any success with some of the cheap knock-offs on Amazon? Reviews seem hit or miss, would like to know if they are usable or not.
  10. Update, mostly just showing off I designed and 3D printed updated arms that allow my bag to sit flush. The bottom sits much better/more even now as well.
  11. Interesting that they made that gap smaller instead of larger. It might actually make the bag sit better though. Mine is so close to fitting that it kind of makes one side want to go in and the bag ends up sitting slightly cocked. Having the smaller gap would make the bag just sit completely outside of the cutouts, thus sitting more even. Either way, I think you'll be happy with the combo. Good luck!
  12. Oh, yeah that is very different. The bottom looks like it will definitely accommodate it better. I measure 6-3/16" from inner to inner of the arms. My bag legs are more like 6-1/2”
  13. Here are the pics. First one is showing how the stand doesn't fit well at the top. I think I might design and 3D print a new arm that is just a tad wider. Second pic is showing the bottom, looking from above, and the last pic is showing the bottom looking from underneath. It's kind of hard to get good views of how the bottom works. It's definitely not perfect, but as you said, once it is strapped it is rock solid. Keep in mind that mine is a year or two old, before the swivel front wheel. There is a chance that the mating geometry changed but I would say it is likely that i
  14. I have a Sun Mountain 4.5LS and just bought a Costco Caddytek EZ Fold (a year or two old). The only complaint that I have so far is that the cart has cutouts for the stand legs, but the Sun Mountain legs are about a quarter of an inch too far apart to fit properly. The bag still sits on the push cart fine and is nice and stable after strapping it in, it's just a little annoying that it doesn't fit snugly in the exact right spot. I'll post some pictures when I get home later today. FWIW, I have played a handful of rounds riding and have not experienced any bag sagging/movement wh
  15. Tensei Blue (Non-pro). Stock shaft from my M3 driver. Stock length measures 44.5" and plays 45.5". Used for 10ish rounds and a year's worth of range sessions. Grip is like new and no marks on shaft. Standard Taylormade tip in perfect condition. $Sold Willing to trade for HZRDS Smoke Yellow S Flex with TM tip.
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