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  1. I've had my R10 for a month or so now, but "santa" is bringing it to our house so it's remained sealed. I finally negotiated a range session with it today. I was at the range to work on some other things, so I didn't scrutinize every data point or record anything, but my qualitative review is: My range is a Top Tracer range, so I started in an indoor bay with Top Tracer display. I did very little to align or level the device besides putting an alignment stick in front of it to eyeball it. "Main" data points were spot on with Top Tracer (ball speed, carry distance, total distance). Shot shape was pretty darn good. I made a small adjustment after the first few balls, as I saw it biasing a bit right/fade, and it helped. I'm sure spending 5 minutes at the beginning of a session to get it dialed is plenty. I then moved outside to grass tees because the main reason I was there was to work on some driver settings and I CANNOT hit a driver off of a rubber tee. I threw the R10 behind me, again doing nothing more than throwing an alignment stick in front of it. Once again numbers all seemed to make complete sense, and ball path was on point with actual ball flight. Like I said, a pretty qualitative review, but darn this thing is cool. I really bought it for hitting into an outdoor net in my backyard (data for me, sim capability for my 8 year old). If it is 90% as good in that arrangement, I'll be more than pleased with the purchase.
  2. Not saying you're wrong, but why would this be? It is just a radar looking for a swinging club and launching ball. Why would it matter if the ball launches slowly off the club? Again, not arguing or saying you're wrong, just looking for an explanation... Thanks, this is more along the lines of what I was thinking.
  3. I have an odd question... Does anyone know how this will perform with foam balls? I know that the results will not be accurate to what the swing would have produced with a real ball, but, will the results be accurate to how the foam ball actually flew?
  4. Taylormade M6 4 Hybrid (Rescue) 22 degree loft Stock Atmos 7S (stiff) shaft and stock Taylormade grip in great condition. Used sparingly for a few seasons. A few very small marks on face as shown in pictures, otherwise basically like brand new. SOLD paypal'd and shipped (add $10 for shipping west of the Mississippi)
  5. Another successful 32* customer here. Bought grey and blue based on this thread. Package came Thursday... Wore one to work Friday and wore the other today. Super comfy and looks nice enough for casual Friday. I hit balls in my backyard today in 50 and damp/drizzly weather and it was perfect. Now I'm intrigued by the brand... Has anyone tried the bubble vest or bubble jacket?
  6. Ha, already had a tab open with the link below that I was looking at 10 minutes ago. It's on E6's site as well but this is easier to find. FWIW I've been looking at Swappa and Backmarket for the cheapest I can find. https://shopindoorgolf.com/pages/e6-connect-software-system-requirements Edit - that link appears to have a typo, saying both iPad 5 and iPad 8. It should be iPad 5 and iPhone 8. For ease, this is from E6's website: iPad Pro 1 or later | iPad 5 or later | iPad Air 3 (or later) iPad Mini 5 (or later) | iPhone 8 or later
  7. Great info! My takeaway is that there should be no concern using HTH with Garmin account on an android device, and then also using the same Garmin account OR E6 on an iOS device... you just can't have both devices connected to the R10 at once (not sure why that would be needed?)
  8. I think this sort of makes sense, but maybe there is a higher level question to be asked. Does E6 run completely separately from Garmin software? For example, let's say I have a Garmin account and I buy an R10. I link my Garmin account with my Android device and use the driving range for a while. I later buy an iPad and want to use E6. Does this work? Do I even need a Garmin account on my iPad or just E6?
  9. I think that is the difference between Dicks and most other stores. Other stores are keeping their listing up and taking backorders. Dicks only lists the item when it is in stock, and then completely removes it once that stock is gone. I actually saw them in stock this morning when I saw that post - I simply went to their website and typed in "Garmin R10" and it popped up. Said 9 in stock. I hem-hawed for 30 minutes and then it was gone, now the item is not there anymore.
  10. I bought one of these over the summer and really like it. A little looser through the body than a "fitted" fit, which I like, but still a little more fitted through the arms so it looks nice and modern. Really lightweight and comfy and also super windproof. Looks to be just about out of stock at RockBottom but you might be able to find it elsewhere. https://www.rockbottomgolf.com/apparel/outerwear/greg-norman-golf-unisex-attack-life-heather-pullover-hoodie/
  11. I've been selling the idea (to my wife) of setting up a cheap sim in our garage for me... err... my 8 year old to use over the winter. My current plan is to pick up an R10 once they're more available and sorted out. The best cheap way to use it would be to use the free E6 range and 5 courses, unfortunately, I am an Android guy, so I don't own any iOS devices. Looking for advice on the cheapest iPad that anyone has had success with running E6 Connect. My limited research looks like I can get an iPad 5th gen (which is on E6's requirement list) for ~$200 used. Anything else I am missing? Has anyone used an older generation successfully?
  12. I've been looking at a good solution for this as well, and have been intrigued by the lasers used in darts to project a line on the floor to stand behind. Haven't tried anything with one yet, but thought it might help you. Something like this... https://www.amazon.com/Viper-Laser-Throw-Line-Marker/dp/B00FRMHZJA/ref=sr_1_5?dchild=1&keywords=darts+laser&qid=1633181806&sr=8-5
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