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  1. Yip just a custom paint job. I also didn’t get along with the RDX blue the same as I did with the Smoke yellow.
  2. What was your gamer shaft b4 this? What head is it in?
  3. I’m on board with the same thoughts as you all, I always believe that the TX has higher grade materials.
  4. So I’ve informed that the Rogue white 130 were originally made for OEM as a stock option, and was then brought to the aftermarket. so is still seen as the “cheaper” model of the Rogue lineup. Considerably cheaper than Silver and Black. Is this due to overall materials used?
  5. Thanks for your opinion mate, my questions are for anyone with comparison feedback. I’ve just been offered a killer price so was thinking of getting a few for me and my mates, well I think it’s a killer price, what should they cost??
  6. What head have you got? How would you say it compares to the Ventus black?
  7. It is , but some places get the chance to move some when stock allows it I believe
  8. Thanks for your help mate, that’s all I need to make my decision.
  9. Cheers, do you know the spec numbers by chance? Cheers
  10. Hello fellow Junkies, does anyone have any info regarding the TX Rogue White shafts? Torque, Traj, Spin?? Cheers
  11. These look interesting, will be interesting to see how they compare to the MMT and Steelfibers.
  12. I bet it does, I ordered 2 6’s also
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