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  1. HZRDUS smoke green 6.5 70 driver shaft with TaylorMade adaptor used in SIM. Will play about 45 inches when installed. $100 shipped.
  2. Selling a set of Titleist T-100s irons with upgraded ACCRA 125 iseries isteel shafts, m5 (x flex). Built buy Will Peoples. Excellent condition, grips and shafts are new and have no rounds under them. Heads have a handful a rounds. Standard length, loft (pw is 45 degrees) and I believe a half degree flat lie. Grips are golf pride z grip cord midsize. I also have a set of BB & F shaft marching ferrules that I can throw in. Was planning to install them, but am going in a different direction with the irons. Looking for $1100 shipped. Not looking for trades, but would entertain.
  3. Mint HZRDUS Smoke Green PVD finish 60 gram 6.5 TX. Brand new grip, TaylorMade tip, about 44 inches uninstalled. $220 shipped USPS.
  4. It’s used and it’s 6.5. I can get you more pics if you would like.
  5. HZRDUS smoke green small batch 60 6.5 with TaylorMade Adaptor and MCC plus 4 grip. Plays about 45 inches when installed. $150 shipped to US only.
  6. I posted a new listing for a shaft and added a shaft from a former listing before the 30 days was up. My fault. The ad was taken down and I was warned. Makes sense. My question is, can I start a new listing with the shaft that I had never listed before but was taken down because of the violation of adding a previously listed shaft? Obviously it would not have the item that was previously listed that caused the violation. I do not want to make that same error again. If that makes sense. Thanks!
  7. Thanks! I did exactly that after they didn’t send it to me. They sent it after I asked with no problems.
  8. I purchased an ad for $5. It’s been 3 days and the item has not sold. If I want to keep the ad up, will I be billed or do I have to buy another 3 days? If I do not want to buy another 3 days, do I just close the ad? This is all of course if I am understanding correctly that you purchase an ad for $5 for 3 days. Thanks!
  9. Hi everyone, I have a mint Ventus Black 7x that plays approximately 43 inches installed a with TaylorMade tip that I used in my SIM 3 wood. Has about 3 rounds to its name, just not for me. Shaft was put together by a very reputable club builder. Ideally I would like to trade for something else. Ventus blue 7x, HZRDUS smoke green 70 6.5 PVD, VA Raijan 74 x and Accra TZ5 75 or something similar all with TM tips are my trade choices. $200, shipped to US.
  10. Hi everyone, I recently was fit at club champion and wanted to have a file of my numbers as I have received from fits with other company’s. Does anyone know if they will send you the data after a fit? Thanks!
  11. Ping G410 19 for sale. Shaft is an upgraded KBS prototype 85 X built by truespec golf. Best hybrid I have hit to date, but just put a 2 iron utility in the bag and have no room for it. $SOLD plus PayPal fee. Shaft alone is $200. Ship to US only. Minor scratch as pictured. Only trade would be a 3 wood shaft for SIM TI. Open to a wide range, Ventus, smoke green PVD or similar in the mid 70 gram range, x flex. Ask if any questions.
  12. Hi everyone, Just got fitted for Accra isteel 125. Curious to know if anyone has any info on them and how they play. Use to game the modus 120 x that I was a big fan of, but played them in the wrong head. I think it threw off my results. Now I have the right iron head for the modus I believe, but was fitted for the Accra’s and didn’t hit the modus like a dummy. Any info on the Accra or how it compares to modus would be great. Thanks!
  13. For sale - Titleist TS2 13.5 degrees - Upgraded shaft ACCRA Tour Z Extreme 475 m5 - Plays approximately 43 inches SOLD!
  14. Two training aids for sale or trade. First is the popular tour striker planemate for $100 and the other is the Gabe golf swing trainer for $75. Only thing Im looking for is a TM SIM driver shaft, x flex. If anyone is looking to get rid of one, let me know and Im sure we can work something out if one of the aids is of interest and I can make up the difference in pay.
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