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  1. Looking for a TM SIM Rocket 3 wood (14). Open to a wide range of X shafts. Let me know! Thanks.
  2. For sale - Titleist TS2 13.5 degrees - Upgraded shaft ACCRA Tour Z Extreme 475 m5 - Plays approximately 43 inches SOLD!
  3. Looking for a TM SIM 8 degree head or full driver. X flex and open to a wide range of shafts. Preference is 8 degree, but would consider 9 too if all else is right. Thanks!
  4. Hi all! Looking for a TM SIM 8 degree, head or full driver. If full driver, x shaft. I’m open to different shaft combos! Thanks
  5. Two training aids for sale or trade. First is the popular tour striker planemate for $100 and the other is the Gabe golf swing trainer for $75. Only thing Im looking for is a TM SIM driver shaft, x flex. If anyone is looking to get rid of one, let me know and Im sure we can work something out if one of the aids is of interest and I can make up the difference in pay.
  6. Looking to trade the following drivers for a RH Taylormade SIM 8 Degree. I am open to different shaft combos so long as its X-stiff. I realize these drivers wont make up the difference for the SIM depending on the shaft, so I'm open to making up a reasonable difference in value, just message me. Thanks! RH PING APPROX 45 inch G410 LST 9 Degree w/ ACCRA Tour Z extreme 65 m5 - $275 RH PING APPROX 45 inch G400 LST 8.5 Degree w/ Graphite Design Tour BB 6x - $275
  7. Hi Guys. I’ve been playing DG x-100s for years and soft step them for feel. Recently was fitted for modus 120 x. Love them, especially the feel, but they may be a touch too light. I would like to try and get them up to the same weight as the x-100s, about 130 grams, without effecting any performance. Should I lead tape them or just go back to x-100s. If lead tape is an option, best way of going about doing it? Thanks!
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