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  1. I have the G410 3 wood and it is a rocket when you hit it solid.
  2. That's a recurring thing with bigger golf outlets. Fortunately we have a couple of smaller golf stores in my area that I can frequent. The local guys are great. The big golf outlets hire guys off the street who don't know f*** all about golf and throw them on the sales floor. I will say that my local Golf Galaxy has pretty much gotten rid of the pathetic pre pandemic sales staff and now has a few "golf guys" working there. Not the caliber of golf nerd you find at the smaller golf specific stores, but it's getting a little better.
  3. MTB-X and Pro V 1 X. I'm a low spin player and need all the spin help I can get.
  4. Golf Sidekick ranks right up there.
  5. Yes. You are. Before I started playing better balls, I would have shots rolling through the green on wedge shots or chips. Now that I have discovered this thing called "greenside spin," I'm actually holding greens and am able to play more to the hole instead of hitting it to the fat part of the green and hoping it doesn't roll off.
  6. I'm in my first full season with them after playing them the last few months of last season. I really like these clubs. They are solid and forgiving with enough feel to let you know when you have hit a great shot. One of my playing partners last week mentioned that I must be getting used to the clubs because I was hitting the ball so much straighter than last season. Pair up the Pings with a Snell MTB-X and they are great.
  7. There is nothing wrong with getting irons that look ancient. It is a good starting point until you get your swing figured out and get the ball airborne consistently. It also helps if you get a few rounds into it and find out golf isn't for you. You haven't make a $1,000 investment in new clubs only to find out you hate golf. Play a year with a beginner set or "ancient" clubs and then if you still like golf, you can make a bigger investment.
  8. The last two seasons, I've experimented with other balls (Srixon, Bridgestone) but keep coming back to the X. The Bridgestone went a long way and stopped when I wanted it to but was really affected by the wind. Like, they were blown 10-15 yards offline. We consistently play in wind here so that was definitely a negative. The X has been solid and cuts through the wind very well and still does everything I need a ball to do.
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