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  1. I've got 2 clubs for sale today - price includes USPS. Make an offer. Only thing I'm interested in trading for right now would be a SIM TI 3w. The TS3 has been my gamer for the last 2 years and I love it, just switching to a SIM Max I just bought on here. The 915f has been in the bag for years and if it still works for Cantlay it should work for us, I just want an upgrade/change. TS3 8.5º w/ Tour AD-DI 7x Plays 44.5" Headcover included $325 OBO 915f 15º w/ Diamana 70S+ Plays 43" I'll ship with headcover (not original) $100 OBO
  2. TM sent me 7 Midsize GP Tour Velvet grips I don't want on my new P770s - make an offer. $SOLD shipped
  3. Gamed a SIM they first came out and switched to TS3, now wanting to get back into a used one or have it as a 2nd driver to rotate in. If you’ve got one you’re looking to get rid of with an X-Stiff shaft send me a PM. Only looking to to spend $250 or so, so doesn’t have to be in perfect shape.
  4. 716 T-MBs 3 iron is 40" (+1" over standard) 4 iron is 39.5" (+1" over standard) KBS 130 X Asking $150 for both plus shipping
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