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  1. Sorry... wrong thread.... I removed the original post.
  2. Never mind, not equipment related.
  3. Thanks.... I haven't started to review Titleist videos yet. I've concentrated on the TM/Ping/Cally/ videos til now.
  4. - When I've tested drivers over the years I always seem to end up with a Taylormade. So, I'm gonna see if I can try some M1/M3/M5 heads - The Sim is just plain out of my price range. I like the M1/M3 tracks... looks like there are replacement or aftermarket weights available. - Tried a new Callaway Epic Speed and liked it - but not $500 worth of like.... maybe $250 worth of like if I had a fitted shaft too.... LOL. Might see if I can find some 2017 - 2020 Callaway heads to test. - I've tried several different Ping offerings over the years..... other than putters, Ping and I just don't get along. I tried the G400/410/425, the looks and feel didn't work for me. - Have not ruled out a Titleist head, but the last ones I tried were the 975 and 983 series about 15 years ago..... - Most used heads are 9.5* or more loft.... I kinda want to try 8.5* to go with a positive AoA of 3.5* to 5* ... let's see what I can find.
  5. KMAY, I remember watching that one now that you've reminded me. Thanks for bringing that one up. Interesting that the ball speeds are lower from a clubface that was supposed to be max COR....??? Most interesting quote, and why I was looking for the info "You could probably pull it out of the cupboard... go play it... yep and think that that's OK. I'll go that the ball flights quite nice. You know go play your course without putting up against today's tech you're really not gonna know what's the biggest difference then are ye....." And the search for the perfect shaft begins again.
  6. Thanks Phizzy, Looks like I'll probably just pick a head that I like, make a swag on a couple shafts and hit them head to head vs the 580XD.... I was taking a flyer and hoping that someone might have gone through the testing and saved the data....
  7. You hear all of the marketing propaganda about the new drivers. No doubt the newer heads have better face design optimization for spin and forgiveness, but does anyone have any any actual monitor numbers directly comparing the old and new heads? Do the old ones launch higher and spin more? I'm particularly interested in the TM 5xx series vs anything 2017 and newer as the TM 5xx series were one of the first that were +400cc and maxed at .830 COR.
  8. I'm still playing my R580XD 9.5* Grafalloy Blue 65X. Ten years ago I was real long with it. I have misplaced about 10 mph of swing speed that I'm working on finding again. I need to get some launch monitor time to see what my current numbers are with this club. I suspect that I am launching a bit high and over 3k rpm. Right now I'm kinda trying to talk myself into a Callaway Mavrik, but I just don't know if I would be getting anything beyond shiny and newer.
  9. I agree that a round can be more enjoyable walking, and I personally feel I play better when on foot - to the point that when I played with my father in law he drove and I walked. He would play his ball and meet me at mine with the clubs. My current home course is only ~6300 yards or so, but first 3 holes are par 5's that play up and down a hill with huge elevation changes with 100-270 yard 30+* up\down elevation changes to the green. Then, 3 of the last 4 holes play up and down the other side of that hill. the middle 11 holes are a pleasure to walk as they are on top of the hill. If you are not in pretty good shape climbing those hills will kick your a**.... My goal is to be able to walk it by the end of the year. We'll see.
  10. Taylormade R580XD with a Grafalloy Blue shaft that's been in the bag since 2004. I have a Taylomade R7 425 TP that I gave a shot but it couldn't knock it out of the bag...it's been sitting in the corner for 15 years. Granted, from 2014 until last year I played maybe two or three rounds a year. I will revisit it's status once I get my swing back to where it was, but whatever I get will be a couple years old. I'm patient and will wait for the right deal before I replace it as I have tried the fresh new hotness and it was not huge distance gain.... more the ability to easily adjust to optimize the launch.
  11. 1 - "not good enough to play blades".... I am an example of the fact that if your swing sucks there isn't a club made that is forgiving enough. I started with blades n balata, went to Louisville\H&B Powerbuilt TPS cavity backs, then went to Taylormade ICW 11 Internal Cavity Weighting, then went to a combo set of Forged GolfSmith MB\CB blades that I'm still playing. Not a whit of difference between them except that each set was fit a little better to me. All along, when I made a reasonable swing I was rewarded with good ball flight. When I didn't I paid the price... the clubhead didn't matter. Worry more about learning to swing the club rather than expecting the club to cover up your swing flaws..... golf is not easy - if you can't get the ball airborn it ain't the clubheads fault! 2 - carts ... when did the courses double the cart fees? I can remember paying for "18 and half a cart"... the cart rental fee was the total fee for the cart for 18 and was split between the two riders. Since I returned to the game I see the same cart fee listed, but it is per golfer whether you are alone or paired up in the cart.... Guess it's more incentive to walk. Now if we could just do something about those huge hills. And then there's this BS - "The use of a cart is are mandatory to speed up the pace of play", but the mandatory carts MUST stay on cart path that has high curbs and guardrails! So you gotta stop, carry several clubs across the fairway and back instead of walking right down the middle? And they wondered why their nice expensive cart mysteriously broke down as far from the clubhouse as it could get?
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