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  1. Please advise if these are authentic. The numbers on the soles do not seem to match other sets I have come across, although I have read that the difference in font could be from an earlier run / model of these irons.
  2. The back of the head appears to have the “A” and “R” of “miura” connected at the bottom, which is another unique trait I have seen from these. And I agree , the soles seem to have a different font and seem to be strangely shaped..
  3. Just curious to see if anyone has a good set of eyes for the authenticity regarding a set of MC - 501’s. The font on the soles of these look strange and the back seems to have some rippling above the power sole which would indicate a fake. Please let me know your thoughts
  4. i played a p760 pw @ 46degs and a 50deg milled grind wedge, and there was a large distance gap / “Tech gap” , about 25 yards or so. P760s are hot off of the face , and the p790s are even hotter. in order to combat the Distance / tech gap , I lengthened my 50deg wedge and inch (also helped me feel more comfortable / upright). The distance gap is now 15yards. I would recommend the p790 a wedge if you're looking for more heat off of the face / distance. I would recommend a 50deg wedge if you’re looking for more precision / accuracy. Understand there will be a “tech gap” (with the speed foam in the 790s) unless you learn to hood wedges / put them back stance and pound it, if you do go with 790 a-wedge. You could also compensate for said “tech gap” that by strengthening wedges (decreasing loft) or adding length (rock on end of rope theory), or weakening 50deg a-wedge to a 52deg a wedge. be weary — adding length will increase your swingWeight value , so club head might feel heavier. ideally, one would have a club builder / club fitter chime in for all of the tech jargon / options .. and consequences that come along with that. A builder can do a lot more for you as far as .. minimize head weight / add head weight, etc Best of luck , hope this helps.
  5. Very nice !! What day are we going to winged foot for the US Open? I say we go Sunday and witness history !! Or Friday to heckle the players who didn’t make the cut lol. I told Rahmbo “better luck next year” as he was exiting 17 green on friday @ the 2017 US Open @ Erin Hills and he put holes through my head with his 10second glare, I thought he was about to ask to have me kicked out :/ lol
  6. This is all really good information to know , Mr. Jones. I appreciate your input. Hosel drilling is really intriguing to me , it seems like a very efficient way to lower SW without causing inconsistencies throughout the club head.
  7. That’s great news !! I’m happy that you were able to achieve what you set out to do. The SW scale seems to get a lot of flak but I have found it to be extremely beneficial and a way to quantify the “feel” of the club somewhat. As a Michigan man , where it stays light outside for 20 hours of the day, during the summer.. what is the maximum amount of golf you have gotten in , in a day ?
  8. Stu , I am taking notes !! From a 5 senses perspective , the club head just feels more consistent through the impact zone and the overall stick feels like it has more “pop” with the extra weight in the grip end. I have a tendency to “get stuck” with club head never really releasing, and the counterbalance helps me get through the golf ball. Kindof feels like a heavier version of the cut down sticks I had , I really enjoy using this sw scale to quantify feel of the club head , no matter how frowned upon it may be. as stated above I have a tendency to spin out early , but with the extra weight in the grip end , it gives my left shoulder a better stretch and snap when initiating the downswing with my lower body action. Thanks for putting me on game !! I have a lot of respect, love, and admiration for club builders, you sir, are a good man. I know it’s counterintuitive to science, but the extra weight in the BOC has certainly made the club “feel” lighter to me. I believe this is because I am in need of ~125g shafts , and the extra static weight In the club has given me more stretch and snap in the left shoulder , and has allowed me to lay the club down more on plane, and shallow out my attack angle this is great information, I do not believe I will go that route, but for those who wish to , would you recommend yanking the tip weights out before hosel drilling ?
  9. if you enjoy messing around with counterbalance weights , I would recommend what was recommended to me, SwitchGrips USA. They have adjustable weight options and nice, heavy midsize+ grips coming in @75g with a stock 2g weight in BOC , that one can adjust with 8g, 14g, and 20g options. My mission was to get my effective swingWeight back around c9 and D0 with some playability / adjustability for minor tinkering, and I will accomplish that. After this , I am done messing with the sticks for the decade and grinding the game to get a good feel
  10. that is a very good point , those two players have extremely fluid , “effortless” swings , with incredible tempo. with the heavier seingweight’s in my irons (D6.5) after the lengthening, I felt like I really had to manipulate the club head with my hands in order to to get the shaft to pop thru the impact zone , so hearing its hard to get “handsy” is great news !! also from what I understand , the extra weight in the handle helps shift the balance point of the shaft upwards and creates a more stable tip section. Lower rate of closure through impact zone / more consistent ballflight / tighter dispersion, at least for me
  11. This is really good information to have , how did removing those two weights from your 9 and PW effect your ballflight and “feel” of the club ? aside from the -5 sw adjustment .. what type of shafts do you play in the 760s ? And what were you hoping to achieve ballflight wise ?
  12. Lolol, it may not makes sense from a scientific / logic perspective... But feel wise , I LOVE it !! Lol. I believe it helps that I only have 105g shafts and probably need 120-130g shafts as well, so the extra grip weight feels heavy / good and has already helped me get more shallow , with more snap saved, for the final rotational move through the ball. Are you familiar with the golden bear and his infamous counterweighted driver / 3wood that he used religiously / competitively for 15+ and 30+ years , respectively ? how about mr.57 himself , or the big easy ? Both infamous counterbalancers. How else does Louis achieve that c7 sw in his irons ? i have heard some rumors about the hawk as well, but I think he kept that info close to the vest ..
  13. this is it player !! Switching over midsize grips that are 23g’s heavier with some interchangeable weights in butt end of grip, so I can really get kooky !! Lol
  14. I literally just found a 13g mini flat head adjuster / tool for an old barometer and put it in the back end of each one of my clubs ... and immediately got my old ball flight back that I had with the shortened sticks (c9 swingweight). I am 6’4 and these levers NEED weight baby !! Going to go with midsize grips (75g) and get some light weights to have for tinkering in BOC. I also lead the downswing with my grip (feel wise) and often swing crowbars to engrain positions / muscle memory. I have found the feel I need and now it’s time to dial it. The new swingweights , with new SwitchGrip grips are going to be right around that c9 range , for my progressive length set. Thank goodness for family , golf buddies , and GolfWRX !! Happy fourth !
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