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  1. Its been a few year back now. One fine afternoon I took my youngest boy with me to play 18. He was a lightweight little guy about 9 or 10 years old at the time. We had guys playing up our a** all day and I was in a constant hurry the entire round trying to respect pace of play for the guys behind me. We were playing hole #9 that went back to the clubhouse right beside the driving range that just so happened to be packed full of golfers at the time. We finished hitting our approaches to the green and climbed back into the cart. I punched my foot onto the gas pedal and cut the wheel pr
  2. You what really happened here? The Republicians in Washington cut Club Champion out of the lastest Stimulus Package proposed by the Democrats and now their trying to steal cut of the pie.
  3. @Howard_Jones I agree with everything you stated. The 5i test club I’ve been hitting wasn’t initially built with me in mind. It was built for a buddy that is 5’3” also using one length clubs. I’m 5’11” and my forged tec one length set clubs are 37” and those are the ones I thin so the 1/2” short still applies. Thanks for explaining lie angle impact on SW. You saved me from searching for a prior post where I read the same thing. After building and hitting my buddies 5i test club a few shots, I seen I gained a full club in distance and trajectory looked great. His test club is a
  4. @Howard_Jones In my case, my swing is a touch out to in and my downswing is typically above plane a little. I have a short compact swing with a fast tempo. My biggest miss is typically a straight pull left or straight thin lower flyers off bottom of face. I could log and share some SkyPro swing data so you can better understand my swing check points DNA if you have the App installed. Standing up and lifting out of the swing are common demons I battle. When I intentionally pay attention to managing my body elevation during the swing and keep my chest down, over the ball and thru the sw
  5. I call BS on the sexual impotence angle. My wife says, “Hurry Up” and “How long is this gonna take” all the time and I haven’t had a bad golf dream yet.
  6. You guys just summarized all my swing faults. Clubs too short might be a problem too.
  7. I’m very interested in hearing a response on this post too. I just hit a couple balls on the older model Mizuno Shaft Optimizer tonight at a local shop. I did this because I was interested in seeing the results for recommended graphite shafts. To my surprise it recommended a PX LZ 6.0 shaft as the #1 shaft for my 79 mph 6i swing. I’m pretty confident that shaft is way too stiff for me. However, I currently play the PX LZ 5.0’s in King Forged Tec One heads and it seems to be a decent fit. However, I’d like to push the limits and test to find the potential lightest total weight cl
  8. I said it because it’s the truth of the matter at hand. The OP is the one with the problem pushing bets too high in a game where pushing is common place. He has to own it and learn to establish reasonable limits as part of the preround betting plan if he is going to participate in betting activity. The OP is as much a part of the problem as the idiot he complains about who can’t control himself. As for me, I’m a working stiff and probably always will be. Winning a hundred, a thousand or even tens of thousands isn’t gonna change anything for anyone in my group. We’re all still g
  9. @Argonne69I think I got my first post all wrong, the Forum might run out of space first or you’ll reaching a daily posting limit....Lol. Thanks for sharing.
  10. Congrats!!! What Beer # was it?
  11. Be careful, you’ll have to tell your wife you lost another mortgage payment.
  12. @Argonne69, I think your about to run out of memory on your device...Lol.
  13. Dramatic is going from a couple hundred bucks to a 401k. You might be a better fit than you think...Lol. In all seriousness, a person won’t easily or quickly change their dominant behaviors and traits. If you don’t enjoy the way the guy behaves and carries himself on the course, find a new huckleberry more to your liking.
  14. Next round you play with the guy tell him exactly how you feel face to face. Since your the one with the case of the p***y willows regarding higher stakes and pushing bets to high, I’d suggest you own up to that and explain the problem as being you not him sense that truly is the case. The conversation will go much better that way too. If your truly up a couple hundred and can afford to play for it, give the man one final chance to play for the big bank roll but explain you won’t continue making uncomfortable bets with him in the future and this is his last chance to get even quic
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