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  1. Spoken like an ultra light graphite player slinging C5 SW’s that only rides 18 after pulling up to the bag drop area to unload his gear due to either laziness or lack of stamina to walk 18 and fear of getting a hernia from carrying his bag from the car to the cart!! Sorry couldn’t resist.
  2. What is the total weight of those bad boys? I wasn’t quite as bold but I bought the same 14g ferrules in stainless and built to a D9/E0 SW at a 455g total weight on my one length build. Pretty happy with them too other than needing some lie angle tweaks on a couple.
  3. Howard, regarding toe droop differences throughout a normal variable length set I know the amount of droop is going to heavily depend on the individual shaft and alot of other monkey swing variables. However, generally speaking from your experience are you able give a ballpark droop spread range in degrees that is typical for a regular flex set from PW to 3i or 4i? If you can narrow it down to say a PX LZ 5.0 profile I’ll give you bonus points.
  4. I can’t directly answer your question but having played both the F7 Ones and Forged Tec Ones for two years each, from my experience IMHO I definitely believe the F7’s all at the same lie angle is a superior concept but I have no data other personal experience to back that up. I find myself missing more left of target line with the 4i and 5i in the Forged Tec set than I did with the F7 set and I know its a result of the more upright lie angles in the 4i & 5i heads. I’ve been meaning to do Howards marker test to confirm and have the lie angle tweaked a degree flatter on each but just haven’t gotten around to it yet. I’m not typically not hitting the 4i and 5i into the greens that often so it hasn’t been a priority. I played a stock Cobra build with the made for TT shafts in the F7’s. However, when I went to the Forged Tec’s I did a custom build with .355 tip PX LZ 5.0’s. Total weight, swing weight, and balance point of the 2 builds are completely different so that might contribute to my likes and dislikes as well.
  5. After 40 years, its sounds like you need practice with your irons…Lol. Sorry, I just couldn’t pass up the opening you gave. Love the obituary idea and will steal it if I don’t get a HIO.
  6. OP….One of the things you failed to recognize is there are usually reasons and circumstances why someone might be booking as a Solo. This year I’ve booked a lot of solo rounds, mostly at the semi-private club I’m a member of. I’m the guy that specifically asks the Starter to be paired up simply because golfing alone is boring and not nearly as fun as meeting and getting to know new people. The reason I’ve booked so my solo rounds this year isn’t because I wanted too. In May, my regular playing partner was diagnosed with Cancer and has been going thru chemo treatments and hasn’t been able to play, life happens. The saying never judge a book by it cover truly applies to Single Bookings. All things happen for a reason. Instead of having the self-centered perspective solo’s are going to drain your cup, perhaps a better perspective might be to embrace it and discover the reason the good lord extended you the opportunity to be a bright spot in someone else’s day or visa versa.
  7. Standardization within the golf industry sucks and will likely never really get much better because its big business and manufacturers fear it would lead to loss of competitive advantage. However, regardless of how much loft jacking marketing BS is going on and what numbers are on the clubs, at the end of day the only thing that really matters is proximity to the pin and ability to hole the putt. If I could do better with a rack, hoe and shovel like Roy they would be in my bag.
  8. For an Amat. the odds are 1 in 12,750. That means you only have another 3,187 more rounds to play before you do it again if you play courses with 4 Par 3’s. Depending on your age, health and number of rounds you play per year you might want to start hitting a dozen or so balls at each Par 3 to ensure you eventually do it again…Lol I feel and share your pain though. Saturday, I got cheated out of a HIO too. However, mine was the regulation ball I hit from the tee box from about 148. My absolutely perfectly struck ball never went in the cup like yours did but it should have. My ball hit perfectly against an improperly installed cup that some Maintenance staff member didn’t correctly install 1” below the surface. Had the cup been installed properly, the dirt at the edge of the hole would have given away and my ball would have at least went into the cup on the fly. It might not have stayed in but there’s a good chance it would have. Picture below with ball mark at center leading edge of hole was taken standing at the 3 o’clock position at the hole. The other picture is a properly installed cup. The Golf Gods can be very cruel but at least I have a cool story too.
  9. You are correct, in my reference to liner I was referring to the cup. First thing this morning I showed the Superintendent my pic from yesterday and explained the situation. Being a player himself he was completely understanding and very quickly said he would address the issue with his Maintenance staff. Same hole today the pin was moved from yesterday and the cup was down about 1” like it should have been. The 1 in 8,000 swing just forgot to show up today.
  10. I’m a little late to the party but I’ll give this a bump. Plastic liners SUCK because they reduce the potential for jarring perfectly struck iron shots. I nutted one today from the tee box 148 out on an absolutely perfect line. Had the liner not been in the hole or had it been installed deeper below the surface, the front edge of the hole would have given away and I would have gotten my first HIO. After this experience, I have concluded they should change the design of the liners so they have a scallop cut out on the front edge of the liner to allow perfectly struck tee shots or approach shots to have enough dirt at the leading edge of the hole so it can give away to reward great shots.
  11. Just to expand on what ian-500 suggested above, a lighter grip might be something great to look into if total weight is too high once you add head weight. The Winn Dri Tac Lite grip is probably about the lightest on the market and weighs 22g. That is typically 25g to 35g lighter than most other grips commonly used which can help you get 4 to 7 SW points back without adding head weight.
  12. I have a buddies stock Ping G SFT driver in my possession and the weight in it is interchangeable with the G30. The stock weight in his driver is made from plastic with metal insert where the screw seats and weighs 3.5g weight without the bolt and 5.4g with the bolt. Below are some pictures of the weight with caliper measurements. Hope this helps give you a little bit of perspective.
  13. The more I learn about this wonderful game, the more proper Club-Fitting seems to become part of golf conservations with friends. Today at work, my buddy Gary said something that was just absolutely Genius after we both conceded we should be properly and professional fit for clubs by a Master Club-Fitter. Gary proceeded to say the PGA Tour should hold an annual tournament where the Pro’s are given ill fitting clubs like so many people often buy and play to demonstrate the importance of Professional Club-Fitting to drive growing that aspect of the game. I added the stipulation that no Pro should be allowed to play their Sponsors equipment. Barrels of used clubs the Pro’s have to wisely choose from on their own to fill their own bag. Imagine such an event where rounds 1 & 2 were played with such ill fitting equipment. Then rounds 3 & 4 were played with clubs fit for each player by the Top 100 Clubfitters using non sponsor brands for each Pro. Prior to the event, use the Top 100 Clubfitters to pre-fit each Pro to be prepared for rounds 3 & 4 if their randomly selected Pro makes the cut. Use the OEM’s to front the equipment costs. Split the purse between the Pro’s and Club-Fitters. Wouldn’t this be a spectacular event to watch?
  14. There is a 3 piece Arccos Putter Sensor Kit you can buy for Super Stroke Counterbalance CounterCore grips. The red aluminum end cap of the SS grip would sit under the sensor and faster the bracket and sensor to the SS Counterbalance grip. My problem was I did not have a SS counterbalance countercore grip so I used the Tour Lock Pro System to achieve the same result. The 8g TLP won’t work because the end of the SS grip is too thick and the 8g TLP isn’t long enough to secure into the shaft. I’m not sure what the shortest and lightest TLP is that will work because I only had an 8g and a 30g. The 30g worked but I’m sure some of the lighter and shorter ones will too. Hope this adds some clarity for you.
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