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  1. It is NEVER economically advantageous to buy warranties or insurance on items that are able to easily replace without financial difficulty. You insure expensive things, not cheap ones.
  2. So tell me why the cover looks fake. I see nothing and the AME tag in the inside looks legit.
  3. That is probably open cell foam, which is prone to capturing moisture and thus rusting the shaft. Proper inserts like Prosoft inserts are closed cell so they do not retain moisture.
  4. Why is the grip wrapped in some pics and not in others? I don’t see any red flags but that isn’t a model I know well.
  5. I’m wondering how authentic those are. Augusta never sells masters merchandise without the masters name on it. Couple of those hats just have the club insignia and those are much harder to get. They don’t sell anything like that at the tournament.
  6. I think it looks fine. Especially if it withstood your pressure test.
  7. What does a “softened neck” mean? That the edges has been made softer?
  8. Both prices are shipped US. Rife 2-Bar Mallet - Excellent condition - 35” long - Odyssey cover. Sold Gary Wiren’s Moment of Truth Impact Bag - Good condition - near wear anywhere. $20
  9. These are almost certainly real gift cards loaded with stolen credit cards. I’ve seen it happen many times.
  10. All are in good condition. No stains wear on fabric. Non-smoker. All are large except JL which is XL but fits just like a large. Take them all for $40 OBO shipped US. Solid Grey Nike Fit Dry Black Check Arnie Solid Orange J Lindeberg Solid Pink Ashworth Green Striped Ashworth with club logo on sleeve Solid Blue Climacool with exterior stitching White Climacool with three black stripes and piping on back Beige Climalite 1/4 zip vest
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