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  1. If your having success for various shots then stick with just the 58
  2. indianagolf2

    Tyson Lamb

    Um...how much?? I don't wanna spend more then 150
  3. Thats your choice. If u feel connected because you got the start in jdm over him..then so be it. In last 10 or so years usa has come way ahead in feel..forgong..design..that jdm is kind of a thing in the past..for many.
  4. He will hit you with international shipping fees.
  5. Couldn't resist....sometimes there's alot of money in garbage. Thats from sopranos when tony n Ralph are devising scam with low income housing. That being said, everybody has a different flavor they like...some might like xyz and others don't.
  6. Ben Jackson rhode Island. .best speed improvement studio and hes in his 70s
  7. Does anybody play the speciality grinds from wedgeworks...Justin Thomas 60...there have been many
  8. I should of purchased the Wilson pmp when on sale..59.99. Lol
  9. Guys career n life fell apart and it all started with excessive girl lovongs..lol. he smiles and almost died and or could of killed others...never liked him
  10. 6 thru pw. No hot metal, Titleist is a def yes.
  11. Fwiw vokeys win bc of excessive grinds and bounce options, and best tour presence.
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