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  1. Not a big enough name..titleist..taylor made...clearly are the top 2...ping..srixon..cleveland are a huge step under.
  2. I dont think any wedge is that great persay. Guys raving about tw grind...think its in the head. How many tour guys play tw grind . Prob 1
  3. Tiger done as is spieth, matsoyama, bubba..day. dj has it all...tremendous skill
  4. Anmouncer says what sn exviting finish to masters...at 140pm...dj is up by 4...exciting?? I guess to see if he ties course record. Think TW is done.....finally
  5. Tiger is finally done....thought his odds to win at 30 to 1 shoukd of been 100 or 200 to 1. He wont win again...its over..great career
  6. Its prob over for him...expect a plus 4 tomorrow...
  7. Lessons def help...aimpoint express as well.
  8. Another golfer who has fallen off..crazy game. Lose a bit and it means alot
  9. Once it goes wrong direction...and continues..its over
  10. He wont recover....needs hypnosis and thats a longshot...posdibly counseling
  11. Relax on how great bryston will be, seen this hype tons of times with others
  12. I called it. Matsuyama no shot on sat eve i posted it..along with patrick reed. Rory is not going to be a star multiple majors..lucky he wins 1 in next 4 years.
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