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  1. Lots have moved away from endo forged I guess because of the cost$$$. Epon is endo and they hold nothing back in making the clubs...
  2. Where can u get prgr 0 wedge for 120 to 130 ?? In usa its 250 shipped
  3. It will be hard to find prgr endo forged....they stopped using endo few yrs back. I'm lucky, I have prgr nabla tour forged wedges
  4. No..but I have prgr tour nabla wedges..which are endo forged and thrilled with performance
  5. Brand new and endo forged by prgr. This is the nabla tour 56 degree with perfect ionic grip and prgr shaft. This is an older model that prgr offered and was the last i believe endo forged..it is endo forged. I have the 58 myself and think it is sensational. 190 shipped continental usa . This easily compares to miura wedge.
  6. Drinking often is a nuisance
  7. everybody had there own personality....
  8. Dont see references to sm9s. Vokey Japan wedges have been around for years.
  9. Don't see the issue here...bryson is serious about his game.
  10. Very nice. LeBron James freaking out when jr brain froze after catching foul shot and brain freeze vs golden state was epic.
  11. Fourteen are 199 each..miura will be 300
  12. If you dont generate alot of spin then try the regular pro v 1
  13. Miura 301...tc 101...epon 305 irons
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