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  1. I’ve heard Srixon measures club length differently than other manufacturers, is this true? I’ve got a set of ZX7s coming at STD and am trying to determine what the 4i length will be (according to the STD I’m used to), so that I can gap the lengths correctly to a 3i ZX Utility.
  2. Has anyone who ordered through DD received their clubs or tracking info?
  3. Interesting, thanks. Something I meant to include in my first post is that I tried both blue and black in driver and could’ve easily switched to the black (but haven’t yet). Did not care for the way blue folded in on me in the middle. But based on what other have said this is far less pronounced in the 10x blue hb. Are you able to manufacture height with your longest iron with x100? Trying to get a gauge just how difficult it is to get the black hb flighted up when needed.
  4. @getitdaily mostly off the tee (even tho I don’t use a tee lol), but for the occasional bear of a par 3 or 5. Definitely prefer flighting everything down unless height is necessary. Blue 10x is starting to sound like a better fit tbh @golffeen007 mimicking the feel of the x1 is definitely what I’m after, so thinking I’ll go with blue 10x. It sounds more versatile, whereas the black seems like you have to step on it every swing. Appreciate your help
  5. This is really helpful, thanks. I can see the sort of profiles you prefer — does the blue 10x feel at all soft in the middle, or just a little feel in the hands?
  6. @Fujikura Golf Hoping to get your recommendation for a utility build -- ZX 2i bent weak to 19.5* and playing at 39 3/8". I'm ~115 SS with driver. I play the av raw orange tx in driver, ventus red 9x in 3w, and x100s in irons. I have a fairly quick transition with a bit of a Sergio club drop/load from the top. I'm leaning toward the black 9x. I would probably prefer the weight of the 10tx but am afraid of it being too much for me. There's also the 10x blue but am not sure I'd love the profile as much as the black. Thank you!
  7. Thanks. I’ll look into it when I get home. This is a counter balanced shaft though — I expected it to be several points less than my tensei white at D3.9. I was hoping to be able to add lead to the head.
  8. Made the switch from the pro white 75TX with the playing length of 44.75” to the av raw orange 65TX with a playing length of 45”. I made no other changes and the SW has gone from D3.9 to D6. This is a shift in the opposite direction from what I was expecting, as this is a counter balanced (and lighter) shaft, and is only playing .25” longer. Can anyone make sense of what might be going on here?!
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