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  1. Respect for the Iomic grips - Stickys are my favorite. How are you liking the G425s? Been playing a G410, but always looking for something new.
  2. Same here, my guy. Lots of initial interest from things that catch my eye here or on instagram. Then, two weeks of researching it, buying a set to try out, and usually selling them within a couple weeks if I don't like them. If I ever find a place to demo irons and wedges outdoors, outside of a demo day, I'd be in heaven. When I was a kid I was heavily influenced by what Luke Donald and a few other pros played, but by the time I turned 16 or 17 I realized that I wasn't them. Outside of the majors, I don't watch enough golf anymore to care what they play.
  3. I used to be on Golfwrx during the early 2010s, then came back last year shortly before the pandemic. For me it's been moving, but not like it used to be where you could list something and get a bunch of PMs (and a couple low balls) within an hour - I've sold some stuff here lately and it's usually gone in a couple days. So not quite the same pace, but I guess I missed the ghost town period. I'm sold part of my last listing on eBay within an hour of listing it, but the fees seem excessive. Hoping more people start listing back on here too.
  4. Hahah, you've gotta hold on to them for a little while! I was getting kind of invested in the rebuild post you made about them.
  5. Kind of on an old school kick. If the topline is clean, that'd be fantastic.
  6. I notice this one doesn't have the Mizuno cursive script.
  7. 1) I don't know man, besides trying to work the ball up or down or a little bit either way (if I can), I don't know if I have enough shots that require me to reference them. If things go well, I'm not exactly trying to hit a 50 yard hook around a bunch of sequoias every couple rounds 2) Makes sense in theory, but changing clubs doesn't seem to take the same amount of time as a swing change. If you know your specs and weights and buy to that, I don't think you need much time to get acclimated to the clubs 3) To me, this would probably be the biggest benefit - I work in education and a
  8. Looking for Mizuno MP-18 or MP-20 MMC irons. Prefer 4-PW and stuff shafts.
  9. Interesting first post. Post pics of the clubs after you built them if you’re still around by then.
  10. Looking to try out a set. Prefer 4-PW or 4-GW with stiff flex shafts.
  11. Performance-wise, liked them for full and partial shots - maybe a little more spin, but definitely played like a lower version of my Glide 3.Toasters. Two things for me were feel and greenside. I don't know how to describe it, they don't feel bad, but they felt kind of dense (?) compared to what I've been playing. Greenside, I think I just suck at chipping, but couldn't really get good contact unless the face was square. Only played them two rounds and a couple practice sessions, so I figure if I don't move them I'll just reshaft with something I'm more comfortable with.
  12. Making the assumption that people are actually "shamed" for playing blades, I'd be curious if a lot of the hollow/foam filled distance irons appeal to those that have been talked out of playing blades. I mean, they don't have a cavity, so if you look at them from far away I guess they still look like blades. It's more forgiveness packaged into a sleeker clubhead. So maybe we're starting to see more "bladeish acceptance" in the mainstream? That being said, the last couple lines in the OP reminds me of those class action lawsuit ads you see on daytime TV.
  13. Hahah, nope. Good catch - I think I was thinking 54* and 58* from earlier in the post. They haven't been bent, so they are 55* and 59*.
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