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  1. Agree with TarHeel. In my current set-up, I've tried to switch to blades at about my 160 yard club - so about a 7 iron. Feel like anything inside that I'm trying to hit it close and would benefit from the (perceived) added workability, whereas anything farther than that I'm really just trying to hit the green and would benefit from the added forgiveness.
  2. The first time around when I was playing I'd buy used to figure out what I liked (especially shafts) then just hone in on those. Lots of choices but I felt like I'd spend way more even with all the reselling. Was really fun to try everything, but I was always changing what I had to find something "better". Started to get back in the game with Covid since I had some additional time. I've bought a few things used, but I'm thinking of getting fit to get my specs all sorted out. Seems like tech has kinda plateaued the last 5 years or so, but it's still way different from when I was playing ten yea
  3. Gonna go out on a limb and say the venn diagram sets between Travis Scott fans and Bettinardi users doesn't overlap much. Probably more than Travis Scott and Scotty Cameron, but not much more.
  4. One more please: 096319DP - should be a G410 driver
  5. Really appreciate this. Been trying to get ahold of Ping by phone but they're still shut down. Two serials I'd like checked. 00P7831: should be iBlades 02K2610: should be I E1s Thanks again!
  6. One thing to consider is what clubs he is currently using. My dad had been using Ping G2s for the round or two a year he played since I was a kid then retired, started playing more and wanted to get new clubs. Ended up with some G410s with recoils and was really surprised at how much easier it was to get those in the air. I'm sure it's a combination of shaft and club, but technology has definitely progressed in the past decade or so.
  7. Recently picked up a g400. Have only had a chance to take it to the grass on the range, but it's really easy to elevate off the deck and shots closer to the toe went just almost as far as those dead center. Think they're running under $200 new right now at most places.
  8. What made you choose the iBlades over the s55s (and maybe i200/210s too)? I'm getting back into the game and kinda been messing around with different Ping irons from the last few years. Tried the s55s and liked them, but have some iBlades coming in as well.
  9. Same. Always liked Mizzys and Donald's swing. Ended up getting the MP-53s instead as our swings were not as much alike as I had hoped.
  10. How does the blue ion wear? I'm familiar with oil can and gunmetal finishes, but I'm curious how this finish holds up compared to them.
  11. Used to swear by cotton polos, but then I discovered merino wool. Feels a bit better in that Texas heat. Haven't been able to find many "golf-specific" ones though.
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