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  1. Definitely looks like the 921 shape, but it looks like these are all 1025 Forged, not stamped Chromoly. Wondering if they are some prototype of the HMs w/o the chromoly that never made their way to production.
  2. Another vote for the i210s if you don’t mind the slightly longer head and “Ping Industrial” look. Can’t tell you how many times a less than perfect swing still ends up in a good spot. From trying out things lately, latest iterations of the Mizzy MMCs and JPX Forged are also pretty forgiving. I’ve been wanting to try the ZX7 as they look good to my eye.
  3. I know I sometimes rag on people for using iron headcovers, but those look absolutely immaculate. No chatter at all.
  4. I'm not sure. Picked them up locally and didn't realize they were long until I sized them up. I can cut a grip tonight and check if you are interested.
  5. I work in education, so I have a lot more time to play in the summer - during the rest of the year I can fit in maybe a round and a couple range sessions a week. This past summer I was considering going with less forgiving clubs, but now that I'm not getting out as much I'm thinking "nah, these are fine". I still like to try new clubs, but it seems that most clubs from the past 5 years or so offers diminishing returns on performance compared to added cost. I'm sure at some point there is going to be some new breakthroughs, but I haven't found any at the moment.
  6. For sale today is a set of Mizuno MP20 MMCs. Like the iron head, not a big fan of the shaft. Feel free to shoot me any questions you have Looking for $525 shipped SOLD. Market right now seems all over the place so feel free to make reasonable offers. Open to trades on a few things. Would love another set of iBlades, these irons, or other player cavity irons with Modus 105s. Raw wedges and plumber's neck putters too. Details 5-PW Gray Golf Pride MMC grips (these are not mint) Standard loft and lie Project X LZ 5.5 (115g) that appear to be 1/2" longer than Mizuno standard. Comparing to my standard length i210s, these are about a quarter inch longer Since all clubs on the BST lately seem to be "mint", I want to say that these are not "mint", but they are in good shape with no browning. Pictures should tell the story, most wear is on the 7 iron
  7. I had a combo set of those and CG2s back in high school. Really liked both irons, fairly forgiving and soft - think they had some carbon compound mixed in to make them feel softer. The Black Pearl finish looked great and held up well. They eventually made a CG1 Tour model that combo'd the musclebacks with a thin cavity back that might be a good option as well.
  8. There was another post about this earlier in the week on Deal/No Deal. Most of the same points were addressed there too. I'm curious what other companies do in the next few months with new releases rolling out. I do think the increased retail price on the 410 is odd though. That being said, I've never been a PXG guy, but assuming the quality is on par with the big boys, they are becoming a more attractive option to me - as are DTC companies.
  9. Monte’s Efficient Swing has a couple drills that have really helped me. 1. Bend the right wrist - Transition thought is extending the right wrist instead of “rolling” the left one 2. Touch the elbows - Transition thought is getting the elbows to move towards each other to prevent pulling the handle (left arm should move more horizontal to ball is my feel for this one) There’s also a video with Trevor Immelmann and his coach about “throwing the axe.” Kinda corny, but it’s easy to visualize shallowing with it.
  10. Bought from CPO a few times and every time condition has been better than described - including "Other Brand" stuff. Probably the best deal for pre-owned clubs atm, as they've kept their prices down around value guide prices while everyone else has been raising them to due to demand with all the supply chain problems industry-wide or whatever.
  11. Last year, I had a set of iBlades l sent in with a request to refinish the PW as the face was starting to wear - If I remember correctly, any iron after the iE2 can be beadblasted, but not tumbled (I would assume due to the hydropearl). Ended up being about $20, but honestly didn't do much, as the finish kind of wore off the face quickly - the sole still looked good with the blast. If it were me, I'd keep as is, just get a new set, or go the other way and take all the hydropearl finish off so it's down to the "untreated" (?) steel.
  12. 100% would love this. Definitely spend too much time on this site, but this would make it so I don't feel the need to whip out the blue screen glasses.
  13. Those raw T-20s looks nice. Haven't played a set of Mizzy wedges since like the T-10s - maybe it's time to try out a set again.
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