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  1. @RSinSG the only other time I could golf would be early Saturday morning! Say like 8 o’clock?
  2. @RSinSG if you can swing a sunday afternoon tee time i’m in!! wedding saturday night so i’ll need a little leeway in the morning!
  3. Heading down in a few weeks for a buddy’s wedding. Looking to play another course, deciding between Sand Hollow, Copper Rock, or Ledges. TIA!
  4. Yes @TinkerGolfMan those are the ones I was curious about. You can’t find any reviews on them whatsoever. I have a pair of the spiked Victory Tours and love those but was curious about these for a spikeless shoe.
  5. Looking to pick up a pair of these for my spineless shoe and was wondering your guys’ review on them? They look awesome but how comfortable are they? Could you walk 18 comfortably in them?
  6. Booked tee times for Dove Mountain and Sewailo! Can’t wait, that Dove course looks like a bucket list type of place.
  7. Been looking at the Nike Air Zoom Victory Tours because they’re so good lookin’ but I walk the course occasionally and was wondering how they last over 18 holes and if your feet get super hot. Other options are Puma Ignite PWRADAPT, Adidas CODECHAOS but I don’t love the look of the adidas’, just heard they’re the most comfortable by a mile. Always open to suggestions! Any advice is awesome. I have narrower feet also btw.
  8. @puttnforthe8 okay! We were gonna try to get a tee time at the Highlands at Dove actually! The Gallery is better though??
  9. Second Timberstone. Awesome course always in good shape and fast greens. Banbury is awesome. Shadow Valley is a cool course and pretty challenging. Quail Hollow is the same. Challenging course, i’d probably play FalconCrest, Quail Hollow, and make the drive for Timberstone.
  10. Taking a trip down to Tucson for Memorial Weekend. We’ll be there Thursday-Monday. Looking to play 3 courses. Starr Pass, Sewailo, and Arizona (not Tucson) National are all in the talks. Maybe Green Valley CC also. We’ve played Ventana Canyon before so we wanna do different courses. TIA!
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