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  1. Titleist TS2 hybrid, hit 8-10 balls with it in a fitting a couple of months ago, all of them landed and stopped within a metre of each other. If it wasn't for the fact I needed it 1/4 inch long I would have walked out with one on the day
  2. Got for a set of t200s a few weeks ago and the rep said the new woods are due September - October. Couldnt get any more info apart from that unfortunately.
  3. I've had plenty of time on my hands through "lockdown" over here in Aus and a golf course round the corner from my house so I've taken the opportunity to do a fair amount of testing on the 2020 line. Now I'm no where near being a particularly good golfer, playing off 16 so some differences could definitely be put down to the Indian rather than the arrow The first ball I could rule out for me was the X. Felt like a rock and I just couldn't get along with it at all and unfortunately my swing speed is nowhere near fast enough to harness the potential of the ball. In comparison the XS was much mor
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