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  1. Let me know what you have and price
  2. Pricing includes shipping to L48. Shoot me a message with any questions! 6-PW SOLD!!! Srixon combo set 4&5 ZU85 still available. 1* flat but can easily be bent to liking. These are in awesome shape!! $160 OBO. Epic Speed Triple Diamond TA SN. Brand new. Comes with HC and sleeve. $old KBS Tour V 130 X pulls 4-P. Came out of Srixons and standard length with gray +4 grips. Grips and shafts in awesome condition. Each shaft has weight in tip that can be removed with heat gun, used to give old set D4 swing weight. $200 OBO. 4i length pictured b
  3. Both new in box, never worn 4s White Cement. $350 OBO Trainer ST G. $450 OBO
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