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  1. I’m on my third net. My first two were a MaxFli & Callaway and they were both equally a colossal waste of money. The MaxFli lasted less than a month and the Callaway one wasn’t much better than that. Both easy to set up/take down but when the net fails to stop the ball because of several huge holes that quickly developed it kind of defeats the entire purpose. I’m a smaller guy and would guess my ball speed hovers somewhere around average so there’s no excuse for how easily these nets fell apart. I payed like $90 for one of them & $125 for the other. I now have a Rukket that has been g
  2. I think he’s got a long way to go but to say he doesn’t have a shot is wrong. He’s only 23, if he buckles down and gets the right people around him I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s on one of the mini tours in 2-3 years. When you listen to him talk on his videos about something he just learned like how to flight the ball etc you realize how much room he has to grow. I know one thing I’ll be rooting for him the entire way, he just seems like the most humble and all around great guy to be around.
  3. The wedges in the set I played with growing up only had an P, S & L on the club. When I got old enough to buy my own clubs and went to order some new wedges I was so lost. Trying to figure out all the different lofts/bounces/grinds was like trying to learn a different language.
  4. It really depends on what you consider to be breaking the bank and what style you are looking for. It’s going to be hard to find something “nice” for under $50, any company that uses premium leather or any kind of custom/bespoke service will be at the very least $75 for a hybrid cover all the way up to $200ish for a driver headcover. Dormie, Links&Kings, Iliac & Robert Mark covers are all awesome. I’m pretty plain and love my covers from Cru & Stitch. Both have high quality leather for somewhere in the $50-$100 dollar range per cover. Always hear great things about Jan Craig cover
  5. Nothing like that new club honeymoon phase
  6. No Laying Up & anything with Erik Anders Lang (Skratch or Random Golf Club Films) is the best golf content by a mile. This didn’t really answer your question necessarily but if you are golf obsessed enough to watch classic highlights I can guarantee you will not find two better rabbit holes to travel down. NLU has 52k and EAL has 130k subscribers, thats insanity considering the quality content they put out for free.
  7. Can’t imagine how dreadfully boring that overrated course would be to watch without fans. Should’ve been at Pasa.
  8. Hitting my dads 680 mbs for the first time after only being exposed to game improvement irons when I was younger. Not necessarily the club itself just the feel of flushing a forged iron for the first time as I’m sure most of you know is pure enlightenment. I’ve been using forged players/CBs ever since.
  9. Tell him to go for it. Blades are hot. If your going to go out there and shoot a 130 you might as well look like a savage while you do it. They will pay off in about 8 years if he sticks with it. Smart investment.
  10. Ive never hit their new driver but I can safely say I’ve been extremely impressed with every single Srixon product I’ve purchased. They currently have the most most underrated irons, ball & glove on the market. The f65 might never leave my 3wood slot. They also have arguably the best utility iron in the game. I can count on one hand the times I’ve heard someone complain about the performance of their equipment. Join the cult.
  11. Your super game improvement irons are designed to make off center strikes launch just as if you hit them in the middle of the clubface. Go on eBay and find some beat up old players/cavity back/blade for $30 and do what @goaliedad30 said. If you can’t feel your fingers after a couple swings stick with what you have. If you have some success I would look at a game improvement/players combo set to start. I read something recently about how weird it is that almost all golfers prefer a forged/bladed wedge like a vokey but are scared to make the jump to forged players/cb/mb irons. Although that arg
  12. I agree with the above comment that the Raven & Burnt Pine are very similar. Burnt Pine will have better conditions simply because it gets less play. Baytowne is the easiest & least memorable. The Links was always my favorite. It’s easily on the best piece of land and has the most fun/unique layout of the 4 courses. My family sold our place in Sandestin shortly after Katrina but I don’t remember Burnt Pine ever being private. Either homeowners got access or times have changed but I use to play it all the time with my pops, I vividly remember him throwing his wedge into the water on 17
  13. I absolutely loved Tetherow. It kind of falls into the Tobacco Road category of what some people call “clown golf”. Personally I like playing a course that I can’t find anywhere else, something that is genuinely unique. You are almost guaranteed to get a few bad bounces but if you don’t take the game too serious and are out there not worried about score then I can’t recommend it enough. It is one of the most visually stimulating courses I’ve ever had the pleasure of playing. If the golf mecca of America (maybe the world) wasn’t a few hours West, Bend would & should be a more popular golf
  14. Louisville -> Chariot Run or Heritage Hill Nashville -> Greystone or Gaylord Springs Nash-Birm.-> Sweetens/Farmlinks/Gunter’s Landing/Sewanee RTJ Sites -> Silver Lakes & Cambrian Ridge
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