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  1. Some divots left on fairways are quite formidable. If you can imagine a humped up large divot that achieves a tent form. Now, you drive off of the tee and your ball rolls under this tent shaped divot. The ball is touching the bottom of the divot, so if you remove this divot, the ball will move. You can't directly hit the ball as there is 3" of sod overhang in your way. Have you had this situation before? I just took an unplayable lie. I see these divots on tour telecasts and can't believe that all of those balls somehow avoid coming to rest in this predicament. What would you do? Am I missing another rule section that covers this?
  2. There have been plenty of "worst" in my history, but last Friday was the most recent. It's been raining so the fairways were soggy. I'm in a match play situation. Long par 5 with my five wood in hand for second shot. Feet are slightly sinking in soft grass. Thinking "better not hit this fat". Swing-hit-look for ball... I hit down on it and drove it 2" straight down into the fairway where I was standing. Now it's an unplayable lie. Buddies are laughing at me. Took a 7. Thankfully it was just loss of hole.
  3. Scott McCarron was terrible in college at UCLA. He actually double hit a putt. Great ball striker though. He went to the Broom and did o.k. though. Berhard Langer also comes to mind.
  4. OT In the greatest irony of all, you do know that Artest changed his name to Metta World Peace? Yes, I'm ashamed that I even know that.
  5. In the 80's, the CBS golf satellite backhaul coverage was available to dish owners. No ads. During ad time, you still saw the golf coverage and the announcers cutting up, usually with open mics. One scene I remember is Ben Wright sitting there in his immaculate blue blazer and tie, Then the camera panned down and showed he was in shorts with bright white legs. He was laughing his butt off at the "deception". I always enjoyed him and how he would always put McCord in his place.
  6. Actually I was thinking of an upside down "Y" on the bottom of the shaft. Each "arm" connects to each head making the offset. Crazy, I know. You are probably correct that mitigating the shaft issue is a major problem. When I have time to get on my CAD program, I will draw it up. Thanks for your thoughts. Like anything in life, it is really cheap to dream, but can be expensive to execute.
  7. Maybe the way I worded it makes zero sense. I was thinking more about constructing a double two headed insert putter out of lightweight aluminum to counter the extra weight, not a flat blade that has been around for years. Think of two putter heads bridged in the center with a frame that face opposite directions and is center shafted. (think small mallets joined like a Siamese twin back to back.). This is what I was trying to describe. Probably not a great idea, but I do fabricate wood and metal and thought it might be fun, just probably not legal (?).
  8. Many players will putt right handed and tap putts in with the back of their putters left handed. I think Notah Begay putted right and left handed with his putter which was flat on both sides, essentially making it into a club usable on both sides. What about actually constructing a true double sided putter? Would this be considered an extra club in your bag? I seem to be able to putt (just as lousy) on either side with my previous flat stick. I can't use the back of my newer putter as it is round. Your thoughts or rules interpretation on a double sided putter?
  9. Yes, it is our state of confusion, or our red headed stepchild.
  10. The worst feeling in golf? It's the "ABFU". You just birdied the hardest hole on the course. Next is an easy par 4 and you make a six. "After Birdie......." (You can figure out the rest).
  11. This is "The fight that never happened" story. A nice fellow I used to play with in the 80's was about as friendly as anyone you would ever meet. What no one knew on the golf course except me was he was a Golden Gloves middleweight champ and also a former world middleweight boxing champ. I was with him when guys (a** hats) would insult him stupidly over idiotic things including his heritage. He would only smile and ignore them. He was always in control. But, when I saw his smile disappear was when I would worry that someone could really get hurt, but it never happened. One day our head pro (a large guy about 6'3" and 225 lbs) was needling him and playfully hit him on the shoulder. My friend, laughingly tapped HIM on the shoulder. The pro couldn't raise his arm for a week, and he was barley touched by this guy. When you shook hands with him it was like shaking a block of concrete. In his 60's he was still solid as a rock. You really never know who you could be provoking.
  12. Distance control with irons is my strength (or least weakness). Going to new irons is always a challenge and I rarely do it (about every 5 years). Unfortunately two thumb and wrist surgeries have kind of made me go graphite to ease the strike/contact in my hands. Went from T.M. to Srixons with graphite shafts. Adjustment took a good 4-6 months and handicap rose from 7.8 to 9.2. It's now 8.1 and dropping. I gained a higher iron ball flight and 1/2 club in distance. Both took a while to get used to.
  13. This is what I was talking about. The designer and installer are two different phases. Design comes first. Integrating both landscape and golf into a comprehensive design is the key. Having them planned as separate entities is usually where problems begin. This is where you should spend some money for a professional to design the integration of the two. The end product could be awesome. for basically a little more money. A the least, consider a consultation with a good landscape design firm in your area. Look at their web sites, etc for a feel of what they do. Just my .02 cents
  14. I gave up golf to race motorcycles competitively for many years. Then I gave up motorcycles to play golf. Then I gave up golf to work my latest ranch for three years. Then I took up golf again to get out of doing ranch work.
  15. A 10 on a par 5 two years ago during a tournament. There were three creek crossings on that hole and I found ALL of them. The worst part is soaking my socks playing out of the water. Humbling experience to say the least. I don't remember my score from that day as it as been "Control, Alt, Deleted" from my brain.
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