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  1. Spent a couple days on protocol 3, and then doing 3/4 swings attempting to replicate the shallowing motion without the band. Already starting to see some shallowing. If I posted a "before" clip, you'd see the club thrown out OTT, and early released. Now, the shaft is approaching coverage of my trail forearm. Note this is a practice ball (crumpled up paper ball) in my basement..lol. Still feel the tendency to want to sling it, but trying to overcome that with pivot. And this might be pushed and thinned, but it's the motion i'm really focused on. Any feedback welcome, always looking for a
  2. Very true... I’m starting to get the hang of the pitching motion. For me, the “lead arm only” drill in Protocol 2 has been really helpful. It really isolates the motion of bringing the handle around to the left in sync w/ the lead hip during the pivot. So much so that when I go back to 2 hands, I’m using a double overlap grip to maintain the lead arm focus. Great stuff!
  3. About 10 years ago I messed with the Heard Super Swing (HSS), which put both hands in a completely turned/strong position...R Palm up, L Palm down. Short inside take-away, hit very hard, trying to block one over the right field fence. To this day I haven’t matched those distances, which seemingly violated the laws of physics for my stature. I abandoned it after I hurt my wrists (twice) trying to hold off release so as to not snap hook it off the planet. I wonder if he is using a similar action?
  4. Only 2 weeks in, so take this as early days... 90% effort PM swing goes as far as my “all out” prior swing. I haven’t gone all out yet on PM swing. Afraid I will lose the structure. In time I will try to amp it up a bit, but only if I can keep integrity of the swing. The trajectory of the PM swing is superior. Compressed, with a more boring flight, and softer landing. It is delicious when executed well. i have a slight fade with PM swing. Previous flippy swing was hooky.
  5. I hesitate to pile on a 63 page thread, but here goes... I completed 7 day protocol and hit balls for the first time today. (I hit some pine cones in back yard during protocol, but no actual balls...) I open face slapped (borderline s****ed) about 20 half-pitches, and was about to give up. Out of desperation I switched to full shots with the bands, and still open face wiped my PW, but slightly improved. I watched my reflection in a window and realized I was too obsessed with the “up” in the BS, and wasn’t getting deep enough. (“Up” is great, but you stil
  6. I completely agree with this. If you have OCD, you have chosen a terrible hobby. You will tinker with every swing, every tip, and every training aid imaginable. Swing thoughts will dominate your mind 24x7 and interfere with your non-golf activities, relationships, etc. You will have “eureka” moments, only to come crashing down into a tangled heap of broken parts and frustration. You will not be satisfied when you start shooting in the 90s. It will actually get worse. You will spend $2k on a golf school or golf lessons as a “one last shot” type endeavor, then do it again. And again. An
  7. Thanks Snowman9000. I know JK’s stuff; it’s not for me, although interestingly I do use an LPG type chop bunker swing when I want a sharp descent angle. I’m familiar with all the SA swings that used to be batted around the old SA Golf Forum. Yep, I get that there are limitations to reducing moving parts. I was (am) testing the bounds of what I consider to be one of the simplest motions in golf, that old NG grass cutting action. I’d agree there’s no way to incorporate decent compression without introducing an active pivot...aside from the “retain, then piston” of the arms, which
  8. Are you using the old-style NG swing and achieving the divot this way? That’s really what I’m asking about. If I use a more conventional swing, I can take Lexi Thompson sized divots by simply picking a spot 4 inches in front of the ball, focusing on PP#1, and sending beaver pelts flying down the range. I also lose directional consistency and put stresses on my body that don’t exist in the NG swing. But yeah, I’ve broken 80 doing this, followed by a 92 That said, both you and Snowman9000 are suggesting something that I’ll revisit with the NG swing (the line drill or
  9. Thanks for your in-depth reply and for relating first-hand to my dilemma. On the NG swing...you are probably right in that I am overdoing the stability thing. And yes, swinging into a flexed lead knee (ala Graves method) is a helpful suggestion. I must say I'm intrigued by the Jim Venetos swing. So much so that I am binge watching LOL. I can't resist giving this a go!! I'm a huge believer in minimizing moving parts, and his stillness focus (among other things) is appealing to me. Cheers!
  10. Hi there, After wandering aimlessly through countless swing techniques over the years, I’ve reverted back to a mainstay of mine...the “old” Natural Golf swing as taught in the early 2000s. It seems to be the only swing that gets me directional consistency, and I was able to break into single digit HC with this method, with acceptable distance by my standards as a 52 year old male (155 yd 7 iron). By “old” NG, I am referring to the iteration that featured the wide and stable stance, 10-finger SA grip/address, and swinging the arms past a stable body (ala grass cutting drill).
  11. Thanks for the response and advice. I don’t have a local instructor. I’ll see if I can get my data and post up here. I may also use remote club fitting services through the Graves academy. Best regards. JC
  12. Hi Folks, I'm a single axis/single plane golfer (Moe Norman model as taught by Todd Graves). Currently a 9 hcp. I don't claim to be a poster child for the swing, but that's what I'm trying to achieve. So I'm looking to get a club fitting at the local Club Champion facility. I'm playing 8(?) year old TaylorMade RBZ driver and RocketBladez irons and I have the itch to see if there's a better / upgraded fit. So my dilemma is this: I play with oversized grips (JumboMax Med) which suit the mechanics of my swing, as well as my 10-finger grip. It is a different release pattern. If I swing a
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