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  1. I was looking forward to this release but I'll be saving money this time. Not my cup of tea.
  2. Good tip thanks! Any idea if there are other PLD models or just the Tyne?
  3. I wish there was a custom order PLD option without having to go to HQ. I'd get myself a custom Fetch PLD.
  4. I think these look great and love the swing weighting options that the weights in the back of the clubbed provide, as opposed to using tip weights. I had a set of raw Apex MBs that were really playable so I'd like to try these.
  5. On Golf Central they said the cause was him slipping on some wet concrete and jamming up his knee. Could be why he went back to Tour Premiere shoes with spikes instead of playing with his new signature spineless ZIT shoe. And that the hip strain is from trying to protect his knee during his swing.
  6. Wow I missed the boat on those Hot Punch TPs. Maybe a trip to Vegas is in order to get some sz 10.5s haha!
  7. I would love any one of those. One of my favorite head shapes in a putter.
  8. I can't seem to find any pictures of the leading edge on these. Any sole pics out there?
  9. I want to hit one of these a lot, take the 11.5* and crank it down closer to 10* and pair it with a 75-85 gram low spin shaft just to see how close I could get it to an optimized driver. I don't think it would be too far off as I play my best with modern drivers no longer than 44.5".
  10. Those are amazing, love the grind and the way they set up. Gotta get a set of righties! How does the Yoro process work if you're in North America?
  11. > @chris975d said: > > @"The Couv" said: > > I'd love to try one of these, especially at a shorter length like 44" or less. > > 43.75” > Nice! Heavier shafts available I assume?
  12. I'd love to try one of these, especially at a shorter length like 44" or less.
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