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  1. Its surprisingly a pretty thick canvas material. I'll keep but not as functional as I hoped
  2. Same exact boat. My wife better not start snooping...
  3. I got an XL gray and it fits good. I will say the material is kind of heavy.
  4. All in 142. They have the white dot on there as well
  5. It's been on trendy golf. Couldn't pull the trigger on international shipping
  6. you might be able to do it if you go to another countries nike website and make it a favorite there. Would have to online though at NDC. Fearless are in stock in other countries
  7. They are still there. Go to your favorites and you can add them to your cart that way. I think its kind of a loophole
  8. I feel like I read that somewhere (prob an earlier post) but can't pinpoint it. Plus if you check eBay, Seoul had multiple pairs for sale.
  9. My guess is closer to Masters. Could always hop on a plane to Seoul, South Korea....(let me know if you do and ill throw you some bones)
  10. Bunch of stuff just dropped on NDC including black Zits
  11. Yea im not too wowed' by the whites. Plus they aren't even on there anymore. Really hoping they drop the franks
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