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  1. beet red 90s just dropped https://www.nike.com/t/air-max-90-g-golf-shoe-hxtVmz/CU9978-105
  2. Really??? not the Open pack but rather the barely volts with the black swoosh....was shown in catalog as a 7/1 release
  3. some new 270g color ways just dropped on NDC....ADG3 new color way as well
  4. im a little confused myself because some of the colorways are not in the catalog ie. the zits with the black / red swoosh that is currently on the Korean site
  5. looks like catalogs for fall and holiday are in the process of going up on BSNsports. Link is there but don't see document....
  6. There isn't any place on the planet. No joke. U can maybe find size 8, but thats about it.
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