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  1. I thought it might be of interest to have a thread where people describe the different men's clubs and competition groups around the Portland area. I played the Rose City men's club in 2017 and then Heron Lakes men's club 2018 - now. I'll describe Heron lakes and maybe those who are members of other clubs can describe how they work. The purpose is for new people to learn about what the different clubs offer, or for current club members to learn if there is another club that might better fit their needs. At Heron the cost is $100 per year. Games are on Wednesday mornings and Sat
  2. Sounds like you are pretty set on a country club. If you want to slum it for a year there is the Portland city card. $675 for 6/1 2020 - 5/31/2021 and you get heavily discounted rates at eastmoreland, heron lakes, rose city, and red tail. Heron Lakes and rose city have active mens clubs with competitive games 2-3 times a week. All of these courses are not fancy, have ups and downs in condition, and can be slow at peak times. Bit I think they are solid challenging courses. You can spend $1200 and play a lot of golf over the year.
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