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  1. Cool. That's why I asked about the stock hazardous yellow smoke that comes in the cobra xtreme. Trust me, its much stiffer than the ping g400 regular flex
  2. I was hitting a Cobra speedzone xtreme at dicks because I want more forgiveness from my ping g400 lst regular flex driver. The cobra had a stiff flex hazardous yellow smoke and felt very different. Undecided if in a good way or bad way. Definitely less springy as I'm accustomed to. A dicks employee watched me hit a few and we chatted a little and he claims anyone swinging between 100 and 102mph as I was should use the stiff flex. Is this true and is the hazardous smoke a pretty good choice?
  3. I completely agree that range finder is a game changer but I play 15 rounds every month. If I only played 15 times per year I may not care.
  4. What exactly is the hurry? I rarely slow down play but my country club has its fair share of older gents and lady groups as well. I don't care if they slow me down. It seems pace of play is more pertinent than score these days.
  5. You shouldn't prove my point. Its quiet time.
  6. But on a different topic, I thought we joined these forums to possibly meet new people in our travels. You sound swell
  7. This Some very narrow minds around here. Driving won't help rory
  8. Not sure how to gauge forgiveness but as a 22 handicapper I hit the jpx 921 forged very well. Hope to hit the others on your list in the near future
  9. Certainly something to work on. Drives my trainer nuts, my lack of swing speed control.
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