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  1. I put in an order for 770s this week and it says December
  2. Some places are saying the P770 are backordered until Jan 2022? Ouch
  3. I will look into that. We put a Ventus blue stiff in it and i started spraying the ball over the place. Not sure the weight, i think around 80 grams? Put the 105gr shaft in and went right back to finding fairways. Very odd
  4. Hey guys, I have hit some TM P770 demos a few times over the past 3 months and fell in love with them attached to the DG S300 105. Seems the P770 is pretty hard to find in the big box stores. Are they being discontinued for the new model or production affected by Covid? Anyways, I can order them with the Nippon NS Pro Modus 105 stiff. Would I notice a difference? My swing with 7 iron averages 82mph on trackman with this setup. Swing driver around 100mph. I have hit some stiff shafts that felt too stiff and i tend to lean towards graphite but the DG S300 105 felt great to me.
  5. thats good info. Look and feel will vary but stats usually dont. I dont mind losing 5 yards and i prefer the look of the older model 623 and 902 over the current NL irons. And they are cheap at the moment.
  6. no. i like graphite and they sent with their stock steel. But i hit the 639mb quite extensively and didnt mind the steel shaft as much. Just not a fan of the 699pro. ordered it through demo twice and couldnt like it either time.
  7. I demoed the 699pro. Didnt like it
  8. Could be a dumb question but if i get some good answers, I will be one dumb question smarter. I really really enjoyed hitting the P770s at Dicks. I have gone in twice to hit and they are just fantastic but I cant spend that type of money this year. My question is comparing a club like the P770 to something like the New Level 902 or PF2. I get that one is hollow body and the other is cavity back but will the performance really be that much different?
  9. Seems this would truly only be a problem if you aren't consistent on the club face. I'm certainly not but I don't see how a blade is any different. Center shots will always go further than toe and heel shots. Maybe even more forgiving(less distance dispersion) on the players distance irons as well.
  10. If you don't mind me asking, where did you set lofts for the 4 and 5 irons to give a reasonable gap?
  11. They will send you a 6 and 9 for 20 bucks
  12. Not sure if it fits the bill but I am demoing the sub 70 639mb+ It's a blade with longer heel to toe. Not intimidating at all
  13. Navistar

    Sub 70 Clubs

    I'm not a seasoned player by any means but the sole plays more of a role to me than the top line and everything I have played had some offset so I am liking these pretty well for day 2
  14. Navistar

    Sub 70 Clubs

    Curious as to why the 639mb+ aren't more popular around here. The club is not tiny by any means and I'm loving the thin sole.
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