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  1. I walk, but use a push cart so weight isnt really an issue for me. I carry a large spray bottle in my bag for wetting down one of my towels. Usually have to do it a few times a round.
  2. I have a brush and a wet and dry towel. I clean the grooves after every shot. Doesnt slow me down at all, but I'm already a walker and play fast. Need to keep the clubs clean for best contact. I also wipe my grips down every round since I don't wear a glove and then wash and clean my grips and clubs at least once a month.
  3. Oh yeah I wasnt saying if it would for sure cause issues with the ball release. Just an observation and possibility. Either way I'm excited to finally try a kirkland 4 pc. Still need to pick up the 3pc v2 as well.
  4. Very true. I don't think most people, without researching it, realize how much of a problem that ship stuck in the Suez Canal for a week actually was. that prevented over 300 ships from traveling through that canal. The options for those ships was to wait it out(never knowing exactly when the ship would finally be freed) or turn around and take the much much much longer trip around the tip of Africa. This will have a huge impact on prices, shipping times, and supply of many items for possibly months and that was just one ship in one canal. Add on to that other shipping delays and issues we
  5. There are supposed to be two other colorways. Can't wait to see what they are.
  6. I Wonder what the other two colorways are gonna be.
  7. The Hammer Control is basically an upgraded D2+Feel. I love it. I think the cover is better than the last gen of d2+F personally. In a blind test I could pick out which ball was the HC and which was the D2+F just by feeling them in my hand and picking at the cover with a fingernail. Probably did that 30-40 times and always knew which was which. Love their yellow color. Only better yellow IMO is srixon soft feel yellow. I think it was the sleeper ball of 2020. It was my main ball for probably 60+ rounds last year (the next would be srixon soft feel and Callaway superhot
  8. I don't live too close to a costco so i only order online. I think they keep separate stock for online orders. Glad to hear that the stores have ample inventory though.
  9. The hype for the 3pc v2.0 must be real. Shows them out of stock for online ordering already. *EDIT: just checked and they are back in stock for online ordering*
  10. Ive seen it on qstar tours too, but I haven't played the zstar or zstar xv enough to notice the seam issue.
  11. FYI: you don't have to be a Costco member to get the kirkland balls. You can order them on the Costco site and they will ship them to you.
  12. No issues with finding the green ones for me. Sorry they messed up your order though.
  13. My lowest is an 80. Still trying to break the 80 bubble!
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