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  1. it's definitely a different ball. I can pick out which one is which just by having them in my hands and doing a finger nail test on the cover. the HC cover is slightly softer which might be why you are having a durability issue compared to the D2+F. Personally I prefer the HC over the D2+ Feel. I play the yellow version though. not sure if that makes a difference.
  2. Top Flite Hammer Control would be close IMO. it's a great ball and the cover feels great for a top flite. I'm really impressed with what they were able to do with their 2020 lineup. one of my other favorite ionomer balls is the Srixon Soft Feel, but it won't hit the price point you are looking for unless the BOGO sale comes back this year. then you'd be looking at about $11 a dozen.
  3. the worst balls I find on the course are Nitros.. no idea what model they are, but they are literally stones. the make the old Top Flites feel like balatas(new Top Flites are actually really decent).
  4. I really hope so. i'll be stocking up big time on qstar tours and soft feels this time if so!
  5. Are you using the new 2021 ball? Curious how those are. Looks like they might have finally made their matte pink actually pink and not magenta.
  6. Best I have done was 5 rounds with a matte red Callaway superhot. Those things don't die. I lose them before I see real damage. Other records for me: Rounds with the same tee - 6 Most holes in one day - 60 Most pitch and putt holes - 100 Fastest round riding - 1hr40min Fastest rd walking - 2hr5min Fastest pitch and putt round - 18:38
  7. I walk with a push cart. If I'm already putted out I will walk over to my push cart and wait there until everyone else putts out. That puts me closer to the next tee and I wont slow down the rest of the group who are riding. I personally couldnt care less if anyone stood around to watch my putt or not. Has no impact on my game.
  8. The cold brew process is what makes them so smooth. Since cold water is used the parts of the coffee that cause the bitter taste dont get extracted from the beans. Sadly its a much much longer process compared to standard pour over/drip coffee so its expensive unless you make it yourself.
  9. Im not really a daily coffee drinker, but I'll take a cold brew any day. So smooth it doesnt need milk or sugar. I probably wouldn't drink coffee at all if it wasnt for cold brew.
  10. Mine has dwindled down quite a bit in the last 2 months. Haven't bought any balls in a bit and im averaging 4-5 rounds a week right now. Went through 2 boxes of TFHC already. Can't wait to order up a few boxes of the KS3.2. I dont have a Costco near me so I have to have them shipped to me.
  11. my scramble partner today had a box of the Yellow/Red that he just picked up. they look AMAZING!! I didn't get to hit any of them, but I'm really excited to try out a box myself. I don't use putting alignment aides when I putt, but they ball itself looks awesome. Much better looking in person.
  12. so far it's yellow/red, yellow/orange, and yellow/blue. those are the only ones they have available in their promotional material.
  13. Looks like the 3 colors available will be: Yellow/Red, Yellow/Orange, and Yellow/Blue. The Yellow/Orange looks great in the pictures I have seen. super bright!
  14. I still have a few boxes of both left,but I like the TFHC better. The cover seems softer which is all I wanted upgraded from the d2+F. They are both great for what they are though!
  15. Have you tried the new version of this: the Top Flite Hammer Control? IMO the sleeper ball of 2020.
  16. Top Flite Hammer Control and Srixon Soft Feel. On harder greens I'll switch to the Srixon Qstar Tour.
  17. I walk, but use a push cart so weight isnt really an issue for me. I carry a large spray bottle in my bag for wetting down one of my towels. Usually have to do it a few times a round.
  18. I have a brush and a wet and dry towel. I clean the grooves after every shot. Doesnt slow me down at all, but I'm already a walker and play fast. Need to keep the clubs clean for best contact. I also wipe my grips down every round since I don't wear a glove and then wash and clean my grips and clubs at least once a month.
  19. Oh yeah I wasnt saying if it would for sure cause issues with the ball release. Just an observation and possibility. Either way I'm excited to finally try a kirkland 4 pc. Still need to pick up the 3pc v2 as well.
  20. Very true. I don't think most people, without researching it, realize how much of a problem that ship stuck in the Suez Canal for a week actually was. that prevented over 300 ships from traveling through that canal. The options for those ships was to wait it out(never knowing exactly when the ship would finally be freed) or turn around and take the much much much longer trip around the tip of Africa. This will have a huge impact on prices, shipping times, and supply of many items for possibly months and that was just one ship in one canal. Add on to that other shipping delays and issues we
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