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  1. Looking for a z forged pw. Shaft doesn’t matter. Just want real good condition.
  2. Looking for 4-p c-taper 115x or modus 120x 1/2” long would be bonus
  3. Miura tc 201. Upgraded kbs tgi 110 graphite shafts. Pured. Play 1/2” over. Shafts alone are 75 a piece plus puring plus grips. Midsize align. $heads sold shafts available 250 or 300 with the wedge shafts below Sim2 max 9*. Head or with 2 shaft options. Used 3 rounds. head only 350 rogue 60x 400 Hzrdus Rdx 6.0 70g 400 Sim2 rocket 3 wood. Barely hit head only sold Smoke 6.0 $60 scotty phantom x5 35” $sold kbs td 70 category 4. Callaway tip 225 kbs tgi 110 wedge shafts 125. 75 a piece new odyssey limited edition mallet head cover 65 odyssey limited edition blade head cover 65
  4. Looking for 4-p callaway tcb. Heads only or strong stiff or 120g x
  5. Which miuras did you go with. I went from the apex MB’s above to the mb101 6-p 4-5 tc 201. Also have 4-p tc 201
  6. Epic speed triple diamond 9*. Only used a few 9 hole rounds. Rogue white 60x $480 $425 head only sim2 max 15*. Mmt 70x. Barely hit. $225 gd xc 8x 5 wood shaft. Titleist adapter $150 jaws raw 60* $90 limited edition odyssey kiawah island is open headcover. $100 limited edition odyssey mallet headcover $80 Callaway limited edition (doesn’t say on the bag like the other two) kiawah island driver headcover $sold
  7. If you get rid of mb101 let me know
  8. I am interested. The shafts are no bueno for me. I do have a tsi3 with tensei raw white 65x. 9*. Great condition.
  9. epic speed . Used for 2 9 hole rounds. Shaft is 60x rogue (never been hit). $475 gd xc 8x 5 wood shaft Titleist adapter $150 apex MB’s 18 heads only $325 jaws raw 60. Kbs your 120s. $90 are
  10. Like new hogan icon 4-p heads only. $sold
  11. T100 5-gap. Upgraded Accra 125 x graphite shafts +1/2. Shafts only used a few rounds. Shafts alone and grips were over 500. Gap still has s300 amt shaft. I also have a 4 iron Accra shaft uncut new. Taking a big loss. $sold hogan icon black 4-p. Modus 120x. Plays right at 3/4” long. $525 Apex 18 MB’s 4-p. Upgraded kbs tgi 110. These shafts are stout for a graphite. Have over 500 in these shafts. They play around 3/4” long. $525 epic speed 3 wood. Upgraded Atmos black 7x. $250 S300 amt shafts 5-p standard length $sold
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