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  1. I can see why Charlie would like JT because he seems like a great dude.
  2. $17.50 a dozen with the buy two deal is pretty good. Rick Sheils test was pretty good and he liked them. You can also try Wilson Fifty Elite about $14.99. Wilson Duo probably about $15 to 16 a dozen is good too. All Wilsons are soft and sweet off the irons Pinnacle Soft $19.99 for 15 balls is another option. I have older Pinnacle Exceptions still new. They stopped making them about 10 years ago. Very good ball. The new Pinnacle Soft or the Rush for $19.99 for 15 is a good deal.
  3. Wilson Duo is a good ball. Cally SuperSoft is okay. I liked the old D2 Distance and Straight but they were kind of hard. Top Flite Gamer (3 piece) is onsale at Dicks and probably Golf Galaxy for 2 dozen for $35 black Friday sale which may still be on. I like Rick Sheils but I bet he gets paid to review some products as he has so many viewers.
  4. Could he beat the old man sometimes? What happened? I know getting on the tour is amazingly hard.
  5. Supposedly welches on bets when he loses. Sets up lots of games. He is not as good as he thinks.
  6. Steve Williams was probably the greatest caddy who ever played the game. I think without Steve - Tiger would have won a lot fewer tournaments. Tiger would have had more of a Corey Pavin, Lanny Watkins, Julius Boros type career. The pictures of Steve jumping on the green after Tiger or Adam major wins are iconic. Steve was always there for Tiger too.
  7. Wow. I would have liked to watch him do that. I bet everything stayed in the fairway. A lot of older guys do not have the distance but as they get older they learn to play smarter. This guy is 78 and he is still hitting his 5 wood about 155. He plays smart.
  8. Lots of stories about him with private games. None of them are good. I will not repeat them.
  9. Hopefully the sand people are not at your local course sand traps. Good story.
  10. I do not have one but for new courses they seem like a good idea. I had a group in front of me on a muni a few months ago. The guy lost his rangefinder and was going back looking for it. He asked as I was behind them and by myself. The other three are poking around looking. The was almost accusatory like I found it and kept it. It pissed me off and soured me on range finders. Seems like one other thing you can lose.
  11. This would be normal course of playing and not hitting shots low when it is windy. If so, what club do you usually use? Any reason why you use punch shot? I am just curious if some golfer use punch shots in their bag of tricks.
  12. Didn't young Arnold have a blow up (temper) when he was playing a junior tourney. The father told him if he ever did it again - golf was over? Was that true? I know Bobby Jones had to beat that anger demon.
  13. I heard those par 3's at Bushwood were pretty easy. Funny story - about 35 years ago when I was in my early 20's, the corporation I worked for had a golf outing. It was held at the course that was essentially "Bushwood" in Florida. I think this was just before or after Caddyshack was filmed.
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