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  1. I do not miss the loudmouth fans yelling stupid stuff.
  2. Ha ha. Huge Adam Scott fan. Great swing, has a life outside of golf, probably would rather surf, etc etc. He has had that same Japanese clothing sponsor forever. Only negative is the broom handle putter.
  3. I think he just needs a trim. Replace hair thinning Jim Nantz with Appleby at CBS. Nantz and his Vineyard Vines clothing....some of their stuff is okay but it is way overpriced. Phony. I am in TJ Maxx yesterday and I can buy Ralph Lauren Polo golf shirts for less than no logo Vineyard Vines on the same rack.
  4. Dang. This Tom Hoge guy can play. -4 for the day after 5 holes. Tied for the lead.
  5. Or if he he is from far north in Sweden he could be a Lapplander or even Saami (people from extreme northern Sweden, Finland, Norway and even Russia)....people who really work and live with reindeers like Santa.
  6. Holy crap. 590 yard par five with Cameron Champ on his home course at Woodlands in TX - essentially on in two using a 3 iron for a second shot. Wow. Kudos to Bubba for being like a big brother to him on tour.
  7. Amazing story. I was watching Tony in the post round interview at Farmers (?). Very happy, big smiles it is nice to see that he got to the show. Hitting balls in the garage 4 hours per night. Wow. What is up with his brother? I thought he was almost as good as Tony?
  8. I was waiting for him to break out into "Lust for Life." " ...he's got a GTO, he's a sex machine..."
  9. Yeah but the Golf Channel and PGA could have given him a hand up and a PGA tour card with some sponsors plus a new set of sticks and gear. At least exemptions to play in any tourney for 2 or 3 years. It would only be fair.
  10. Thank goodness you found a picture of Iggy with his shirt on.
  11. What happened to Cam over the past 3 years? What happened?
  12. I am not sure if you were being serious. Tiger lives on Jupiter Island, Florida which is very expensive. I would bet 40% of the big shots in golf live in the rest of Jupiter, FL. About 30 miles north of West Palm Beach. Jack, Rory, Rickie, Brooks, DJ and probably a bunch more. Many train with Joey D at his fitness gym for golfers. https://joeydgolf.com/
  13. Bernhard Langer. His brother was a caddy in Bavaria. He begged him to let him help so he could earn some money to buy sweets. He has said today he eats healthy but still likes dessert.
  14. Seve. Poulter worked in a pro shop folding shirts. The guy in Malaysia? How about Vijay Singh?
  15. Lee Trevino supposedly worked at a modest driving range and would watch Hogan. Most of the post war/post Depression guys from Texas were pretty poor like Hogan and a few others. It seems like it would be pretty hard for a guy to come from a modest background and get to the show these days. Bryson and Keegan Bradley came from pretty modest backgrounds. Keegan's dad was a single parent and they lived in a mobile home. He was a pro in the NE but supposedly they were fairly poor. Bryson said the family had some tough times. I can think of one guy out there
  16. Very happy. Seriously like WTH? Did it just take YJS having a few sessions with Butch to get him back on track? Why did he stick with that other guy for 3 years (?)? The other guy probably needs to see if he can find a job in the bag room. Shades of Sean Foley?
  17. People at a high level will take breaks to recharge their batteries. 29 years on tour as a top player in golf. He was smart enough (preparation & advice from experts) to avoid any injuries, which is not easy. He still does crazy exercises and lifting. His calf/calves exercises look painful. Phil is still able to play incredible golf with a bad version of arthritis. This year is starting to slack off but he can win on Champions Tour. How many players have played top level golf for that long? Sam Snead?
  18. It might be cool if he won because the golf commentators might start calling him Young Akshay Bhatia. Not as catchy as Young Jordan Speith though.
  19. Not too far from Rickie and Tiger. Anyone know if Phil has moved to Jupiter yet?
  20. Akshay Bhatia is 19 years old! Holy cow. The dude also wears glasses and is one behind YJS. Who was the last guy to wear glasses? Tom Kite? He was born in Cali and lives is Wake Forest (?). He is a pro right not college player?
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