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  1. Wondering if anyone has seen in person pics? I know with the triple black, some people got their hands on them before the actual release date. Release date on Friday (10th) but there seems to be less buzz for this one...
  2. Good to know. Thanks so much for the information Sphynx!
  3. Where did you get your weight from? Also, so the 9g weight worked but the 14g was too long...do you know what the stock weight was? I also need to add some weight but i have no idea which weight to buy. I shortened my shaft and now i need to add 1-2 sw points
  4. Oh for sure, especially after looking at Jason Day's spider. This one still looks brand new
  5. Definitely noticing that too. There are a fair share of "big name" players with the OG. I thought DJ was in a Sim Max earlier, when did he switch?
  6. I wonder why they would do this. I've had warranty claims with TM and they don't even bother asking for the serial numbers
  7. I think the only thing I would change is changing the red sightline dots to black...or possibly just removing the red and not repainting. But this putter is pretty much perfect
  8. Yeah sorry I meant the CK Pro Orange is counterbalanced while the RDX is definitely not. I have been gaming the RDX all summer and love it, I was never a fan of counterbalanced shafts.
  9. So are people actually gaming these? Or are these purchased for collection? That H20 is perfect, I just never see them in WITB pics or for sale. Wondering if its going to be the same thing for the Triple Black.
  10. It will be worth the wait. I've been gaming mine since April and love it.
  11. Thats RDX is a pretty different shaft profile from his previous Tensei CK Pro Orange, no? Interesting.
  12. Im surprised he ditched the red spider. Im not sure my OCD could handle all the chips on the putter
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