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  1. Something for everyone today! Prices include shipping to lower 48. Feel free to DM with questions or offers. As us usual, PayPal only please! 1. Ping i210/S55 Combo Set - X100 - $299 OBO Gamed this set up for a couple years and just decided on a change of scenery. 4-5 iron are i210 with white new decade multi-compound grips in pics and 6-9 are S55’s with red new decade multi-compound. All are standard L/L/L. 2. Scotty Cameron Newport 2.5 - 35” - $OLD Great condition on this one! New Golf Pride Pistol grip. No headcover and only a small scuff on bottom right (dif
  2. Really wish I'd saw this before I dropped $ on the new G/Fore bag. That thing is awesome, perfect that it's post the plastic on top and has the shaft protector! Good luck!
  3. So far this year I've snagged the Yellow Masters Skull, Masters Menu Driver Cover, PCHY Hat, Camo Pullover, Black Flip Cup Ballmarker, Grinch, and lastly, my favorite and also gamer, the Dunkin (I lived in Rhode Island for 2 years so there's some sentimental value haha).
  4. Grinch is only thing I've got this week. Tried for the SWAG Thing today but got cart sniped. Skipped the apparel day yesterday as I just bought the Camo Pullover a month or so ago that they did.
  5. Haha, I actually did the exact same thing, Shop Pay didn't seem near as efficient and I got cart sniped but some people are certainly having luck with it I guess.
  6. I think it's become a complete crap shoot at this point. When I started I feel like I hit most of the time and now it's probably 25%. Several theories on which payment is the best, Apple Pay has always worked well for me. Covers usually get to me quick too since I'm in Eastern, Nebraska and the ship out of somewhere near Chicago.
  7. Good luck with the sale here! Mine is showing up today, fingers crossed for a special!
  8. A lot of different Christmas presents in here! Stocking Stuffers, accessories, maybe a putter or pair of shoes for yourself even? Discounts for multiple items and all prices include shipping to lower 48 (DM me for shipping elsewhere and we’ll figure it out). Feel free to DM with offers and questions or for more pics of anything! PayPal only please. 1. SWAG Blade Grinch Cover - Sealed - $195 OBO Monday release, no special. 2. Titlesit SM6 - 52* 08* F Grind R Flex - $75 OBO This sat in my wife’s bag for 2 years. She probably hit 20 shots with it. S
  9. Any interest in selling that putting arc haha? I had one like that and loved it and somehow it got lost in a move somewhere along the way.
  10. I did, the 4 iron set up much better for me but it did feel like maybe I took too much weight off so after a fitting I went with the Callaway Apex Pro’s rather than experiment with grinding them all (I’m kinda weird with my clubs looking good).
  11. Have two sets for sale today! Hoping to get these moved by tomorrow as I have to go out of town for the weekend. If I don’t get them shipped before I leave I promise to ship them first thing Monday morning - 11/23. DM with questions/offers, prices include shipping to lower 48, PayPal only please! 1. Ping i20 - 5-PW Standard L/L/L (4 iron included if you want, see description and pics) - $325 OBO Priced these from 5-PW but will include the 4 iron if you want it. There was an amateur grinding experiment that took place as you can see in the pics. For an amateur job it’s
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