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  1. I assume you are referring to the Evenflow Blue in the Rogue? If so, the Evenflow is slightly heavier at 58 grams v 54 in the Diamana. However, Diamana has somewhat significantly less torque at 4.7 v 5.4 so I suspect the Diamana will play a little lighter and stiffer. The Epic driver in this photo has an older whiteboard in it that is an X flex that I would stick in the Rogue driver if you prefer that but that is a far cry from the two R flex shafts we've been discussing. Let me know if that helps! Nic
  2. Have someone who made an offer on it already which I told him I would take. Waiting on the PayPal to come through, if it doesn't by tomorrow I'll reach back out via DM and we can discuss!
  3. Several different long game utensils here! Literally, something for about everyone. As usual, discounts on multiple clubs, big discount to buy matching hybrid sets (do not have head covers for the hybrids but will package well so there is no cosmetic damage during shipping) and feel free to DM me with any questions or for more pics. Prices include shipping to lower 48, PayPal only please, and as usual I am open to offers! 1. Ping G400 - 10* - $OLD 2. Callaway Rogue - 9* - $OLD 3. Callaway Epic - 9* - $225 OBO - This will play about 44.5” as I had it cut down
  4. @Richard Kennedy My dad ordered it that length straight from Bettinardi, I’ve never used it really, just helping him out!
  5. @scottssmith2000 should be the actual toe hang, DM me if you want to see more pics of anything!
  6. @Shanks2424 I don’t. Everything was standard on it besides length though if that helps with your search!
  7. @Titleistd2 I would have but itsy bitsy is sold. Feel free to DM me an offer though!
  8. Big sale here! Something for everyone!!! All prices include shipping in CONUS. Open to offers as well as discounts on multiple clubs. PayPal only please. Feel free to DM with questions and or for more pics! 1. Odyssey Stroke Lab Three Armlock - 37” - $OLD 2. Bettinardi Studio Stock 28 Armlock - 37” - $225 OBO 3. TaylorMade Monza Spider Itsy Bitsy - 34” - $OLD 4. Scotty Cameron Select Mallet 2 - 34” - $OLD 5. TaylorMade TM-110 - 34.5” - $60 OBO 6. Ping G2I Anser - 33” - $OLD 7. Titleist SM7 - 54* 10* bounce S G
  9. The Garmin is actually a X40, working on getting it changed but computer isn't letting me edit at the moment.
  10. Have a few accessories to get rid of. All prices include shipping in CONUS. Feel free to make offers as well if interested! PayPal only please. Puma soundchuck mini - $65 OBO Never used this, it was a gift from a tournament so it’s brand new, works great and comes with soft case and charging cable. Will package well to be sure there’s no damage in shipping. Jordan 3 putter cover - $OLD Never used. Grabbed this a while back and went back to a mallet. Hard to find color combo. Bushnell Pinseeker 1500 - $125 OBO Old school range finder! Just repla
  11. Great looking bag, wish I had this one instead of the SL1. What's the logo on the pocket?
  12. That thing is sick, game it. I've had my Piretti for 10 years almost, you'll get used to it.
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