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  1. Ordered my r1 in uk without Hitting it. On eBay uk and ex demo mint tour ad di6 listed with 7 s and 7 x for 56 uk pounds pressed purchase. Boom best day ever. Anyone else used r1 with tour ad?
  2. [quote name='MarkFromTheUK' timestamp='1361999207' post='6515387'] I have tried all three. With regard to spin, they are all pretty much the same. I achieved the lowest spin figures with the RFX, but they were on 3 different LMs at 3 different times, so the figures may not be a 100% fair comparison (although they were all on a Trackman). The highest spinning was the Anser, but not by much. Forgiveness... the Anser wins, RFX 2nd, and the Covert Tour 3rd. Looks... I absolutely love the look of the RFX and used to have an i20, so naturally liked the look of the Anser. The Covert Tour looks
  3. [quote name='MarkFromTheUK' timestamp='1361185916' post='6450519'] I tried both the RFX and XHP fairway woods at the Callaway Performance Centre, and I much preferred the Xtreme in every way. I thought I would like the XHP most, as the reviews of it have been really good, but I found it to be way too light and far too spinny for me. I also didn't like the colour or the shape. I thought the finish was supposed to be matt, but it was far too shiny for me, and the head was slightly too big, which gave me concerns about consistency of strike off the deck. The Xtreme on the other hand... wow.
  4. I play h4 2 iron, mp 64 3 and 4 iron and 5-pw mp69 great set and easy to hit
  5. My friend looks exactly like him and had same swing lol
  6. Played with my amp today and it was 55kph winds and it held it owns. The covert tour did out perform it by a few yards but I felt the amp was more forgiving and straighter. Need to do some more testing
  7. It had a great flight and for what it's worth set at 9.5 was launching lower than my 8.5 amp with ad di 6
  8. Hit it today was a great club (pro) the non pro Was a little hooky. Going back tomorrow to try the covert and rfe aswerll
  9. Hey guys after new driver Like the cell amp pro, rfe and covert but confused what to get. Have a tour ad di ready to go in it. Any ideas??? Thanks
  10. I have the t4s in 54 and 58 chrome px 5.5. They are the spinniest wedges ever. Was playing vokeys but these spin more. Check out mark cross fields video where he compares t4 to the vokey using trackman spin data
  11. Had Ping i20 3-pw with kbs c taper - all i hit was hooks, so hard to hit from any lie (Shallow swinger) now have H4 2 iron, 64 3 & 4 iron, 5 -pw mp 69. So much easier to hit, feel flight and everything. I know its not apples to apples but that was my experience between Mizuno and Ping.
  12. Hi Guys Currently playing cobra amp 8.5 with tour ad di, want to keep the same shaft but thinking fancy a driver change. Anyone hi both? any thoughts on feel, distance is not important feel and flight is. Thanks in advance
  13. Came home from work and my new presents arrived. Mizuno h4 2 iron Mp64 3and 4 irons Mp 69 5-pw Mp t4 wedges 54 and 58 Day off tomorrow, so will trying them out
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