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  1. How many balls a day did these guys hit creating muscle memory and timing. you can figure out the timing when you incorporate a lie, but you can't count on it under pressure. Keep them coming.... Hint for one .... what do you guys do to get more clubhead speed? Hips, arms, protein shakes???? Bring it
  2. That's One of the Six Core Lies I have discovered. When you take the club too far back, it disconnects the machine and possible turns it into a more chaotic triple pendulum rather than a double pendulum, which is a little more predictable. Plus it puts you in an uncomfortable arms across body feeling/position. I think Tiger always talked about keeping the club in front of himself. I have found to hit the ball crazy more consistent not taking it too far back. But we tend to want to do some of the other lies in conjunction with not taking the club too far behind you. This one is #4 in my l
  3. AM I BELIEVING CORE LIES THAT DESTROY MY SWING? Can you remember the first time that you hit a golf ball? If it was after you had learned how to hit a baseball or something else, then this is the first day that you started believing a few if not all of the Primary Core Lies about how to swing the club. You were doomed to average at best from this point forward. Here’s the scenario: · You pick up a club, doesn’t matter which one. Boy does that feel weird, you thought. It’s awkward and feels unbalanced. You try to take a practice swing and swing it like a baseball bat and it seems not very
  4. Working on the app that will be "FREE" on the app store. I really believe that it will change the game. Explains the history, concept, where Core Lies are birthed in all of us. How . . . no matter how good we are playing, if we incorporate something into our golf swing (a lie) that doesn't belong, it will immediately destroy your swing. That's why when this happens, we try to stop thinking in order to get it back. Six Core Lies dealing with Weight shift, release direction, sequence and more. Why not taking the club too far back can still result in full power. Stay tuned for the Core Li
  5. After two months of quarantine, a degree in Physics and a passion for the golf swing and getting better. I have discovered certain lies that we, as golfers believe will help us hit the ball farther, straighter or more consistently. No matter how good I can be hitting the ball, once I hit a bad shot and start thinking and adjusting technique, your game is doomed. From the moment someone swings a golf club for the first time, h/she begins to believe certain things, movements, positions that will help, fix, cure their golf swing woes. The problem is that most of the techniques out there, if n
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