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  1. @Jhc09, go and demo some drivers at a local store if you're able. If you can't tell the difference, hang onto what you have. If there's a noticeable distance increase, consider buying. But as the comments above mine are stating, this may not be the best place to ask for a neutral, non-club-ho opinion.
  2. I would go 10.5 if your numbers/ball flight are perfect at 9 in the G400 Max. I haven't tested much with 425LST but currently play 410LST and used to play G400 Max. I played Max at 8 degrees, and I bounce between 9 and 10 degrees with my 410LST. This isn't apples to apples as the shafts were different, but I was testing G400Max against my 410 LST recently in the simulator. G400 Max at 8 with Tour 65 S was launching 15.7, and 410LST with Ventus Blue 6S was launching 14.6. Spin rates were almost identical. Again, not a perfect comparison, but may help some.
  3. This seems like a strange soft launch to me, though could be an error as well. I'm more confused than anything though. Great looking putters in my opinion. I won't be upgrading my current SL Ten S, but I do like the look of the new heads a bit more.
  4. As a 6-7 handicapper last year, I kept my irons divided in two slots. I had 5-7 in one section ("safe" clubs) and 9-AW in another ("scoring" clubs), and depending on how well I was playing, I moved the 8 iron to either side. This was when I was playing longer irons, so 8 iron was 160-165. After reading this, I'm probably going to bump that down to maybe 9 iron or even PW as the starting point for going at pins. (I also switched irons, they are going 1 to 1 1/2 clubs shorter than what I had last year too.) Honestly, playing the courses I usually play on PGA 2K21 is helping course m
  5. I hope none, and currently don't have a need. But I am not banking on that. I've already swapped out irons, wedges, driver, and added a putter since my offseason started and I was last on a golf course, so if that's any indication, ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Sure would be a shame if I happened to stumble across a driver setup that's longer and straighter than my current setup, that's for sure..............
  6. Interesting take. It makes sense. I'd be curious to know you and other responder's driver distance in relation to the number of wedges vs headcovers, as I think that plays a large role. I carry driver about 260. Woods are driver, 3w, and 3 hybrid. I then carry PW (47), 51, 55, and 60 degree wedge. I'm not a great wedge player, and don't like anything between a 3/4 and full wedge, so I like the tighter yardage gaps with my wedge setup. I also treat 60 as a specialty club, and don't use it outside of ~40 yards - primarily higher pitch shots, bunkers, the rare flop, etc.
  7. The spin reduction on the 425 Max is pretty astonishing.
  8. I'm glad it wasn't just me! The dataset really is great, and I'd argue he sells it short in that video. I fully agree. The narrative is something I pretty strongly disagree with in the video, at least the principle of it. Titleist seemed to be more consistent in most of the datasets he displayed - not bringing that up is likely due to the Srixon hat he was being paid to wear. Which is fine, I guess, I'm just glad he still displayed all that data from his testing in the way he did. (If Srixon was paying me, I probably wouldn't have, lol)
  9. Mark Crossfield did a ball test on this year's Z-Star/XV/ProV1/V1X. Regardless what you think of him as a person/YouTuber (I'm indifferent, don't watch often) or of his narrative in the video (I didn't agree), the data in this is fascinating. He did 50 shots with each ball at 10 yards, 50, 150, and then driver. Performance between the balls is about what you'd expect, but my biggest takeaway - the Pro V1 and ProV1X are markedly tighter in spin/distance deviation than Z Star and XV, V1 seeming the best and XV seeming the worst. I'm a big XV fan so this was a bit of a bummer. Look at
  10. Yep. Triple Track Ten S with triple track stencil on Z Star XVs or Pro Vs for me. I only use the ball lines on straight putts within five or so feet. Without the ball lines the lines on the top of the putter still help a ton to start the ball on line. I'm a fan.
  11. Really good question, and I do have a Tour 65S that I've been testing in the 410LST (though I haven't been recently). I don't have any good data in hand from days I tested both, I want to go back and test more thoroughly. I recall from LM data that I don't have in hand that the Tour launched slightly higher than the Ventus Blue. I couldn't notice too big of a feel difference between the two, honestly. I'll try and test those again later this week. (I'm also doing a driver fitting for a 2021 model at the end of this week as well to see how dialed this 410LST/Ventus Blue combo reall
  12. Nice summary on the new models from TXG. I'm not taking away that much has changed in the 2021 line (and will still stick to discounted 2019 XVs ). Partial shot testing makes sense, and I always got high spin from the XV on full wedges (MGS testing confirmed the same).
  13. Please do! I'm considering a 425 Max / Tensei Orange 65X combo, and want to play around in the launch monitor this winter with that against my 410LST, swapping Tensei and my current Velocore Blue 6S in all combos to see what "wins." Would love to hear someone else test the 425 Max/Ventus Blue combo.
  14. I demoed the Max LS and the IM10 last weekend. Similar launch conditions to my current setup (410LST, Ventus Blue Velo 6s) but straighter. Shaft was more active but launch and spin didn’t tick up. Moved my dispersion from center-right to pretty close to center. Big fan of this combo and want to keep testing it.
  15. Their past issues, combined with this aggressive advertising, turns me off from even considering a Callaway ball. It's just a bad taste in my mouth and there are enough good options out there. When I see hard data from a source other than Callaway marketing, I will reconsider - until then, no way.
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