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  1. EF Black could be a good choice. I liked both the Tensei Orange and the EF Black in the 410 head (LST, not Plus, to be fair) and got my launch and spin to drop with EF black but still had a lot of feel, to me it felt pretty similar to the Tensei Orange. All that being said, go and get fit or at least demo clubs if you can - local PGA Superstore perhaps? My local one has been great to me in the offseason in trying out different drivers, but as always YMMV.
  2. End of season update - I have five new clubs since I played my last round. I'm a full-blown tinkerer/WRXer at this point this is a dangerous site to spend time on. Ping G410LST, 9, Ventus Velocore Blue 6S Picked this guy up off BST. I had been concerned my Sim Max was too light (I was right) and had done a good deal of demoing at PGA SS to find what worked. 410LST was hands down the best performer, specifically with the EF Black 75S shaft. That got me up to 159 ball speed at one point - most other head/shaft combos were topping out around 155 (Mavrik SZ got to 157, I t
  3. According to Grint, I've played 38 18 hole rounds this season (some combined). I made 38 birdies. I double counted both to make sure that was right and it was, so exactly one a round. I'm at my lowest HI of the year (5.8), was about an 8 at the beginning of the season through mid-July and have slowly brought it down from there.
  4. Yep. Definitely. Caused issues for me with my natural fade, I recently moved on.
  5. Since I switched from more traditionally lofted irons (Adams CB1s) to M2s and now Apex 19s, if people ask what I hit on a par three I'll usually say "6, but actually, it's a 4.5 iron." It turns the numbers on the bottom of an iron from a solid reference point to iffy. It's not a big deal at the end of the day - this is golf, and golf is fun - but it's enough to make me slightly annoyed and complain a bit and make bad jokes.
  6. Great looking setup. Could play that bag in a heartbeat and not think twice about it.
  7. I have your 7I SS spot on and I play 120x. I do have a pretty darn quick tempo and transition though, it's not all swing speed. Extra weight helped my dispersion as well. The KBS Tours were too high launching and high spinning for me. Perhaps your new fitter saw something similar? If you have any launch and spin numbers to break this down further too, that would help QUICK EDIT: Now realizing the Tours and Tour Vs are different animals. My bad, my experience in the above probably isn't applicable - but launch/spin comparisons would still help us break it down a bit f
  8. I suppose I'll share my LM stats as well, FWIW for anyone reading. I'm about 85mph SS with a 7 iron. I need an x flex, heavier weight, and lower launch/spin because of my aggressive tempo and transition. The P790 and Modus 120 spun ~4500RPM for me. To be fair, this was off a mat, and was being fit using a notoriously low-spin iron ball in a Chrome Soft, but still. Even though the fitter "fit" me into that, I couldn't buy it. (At this point I knew I needed the Modus and wanted the CF19 so didn't bother testing the Mavrik Pro extensively here.) Apex 19 was around 5000RPM, which still
  9. My fitting recommendation was either CF19 or P790 - came away with the CF19. P790 was really hot and low spin, too hot for my liking. No complaints about the CF19 and no objections to anything anyone has said above. I'll second checking out the Mavrik Pro, I found them very comparable. Depends on your shaft fit though, I got fit into Modus 120 which was no upcharge with Apex but an extra couple hundred with the Mavrik Pro, made cost almost the same so I went with the forged head.
  10. Already nothing there.... man. TaylorMade is playing whack-a-mole pretty effectively.
  11. All prices shipped to continental US. First to pay gets it, DM for PayPal and I will ship next day. Tried to capture everything in bright, harsh light. Any questions, additional photos wanted, any other info, shoot me a DM and I'll be happy to provide. Not looking for trades, unless someone is sitting on G410LST and wanting a Sim Max.... All items: TaylorMade Sim Max: $SOLD Callaway PM Grind 19: $90 $80 Cleveland RTX-3, 52/56: $35 each, $75 $60 for both Odyssey White Hot 2 Ball, 34": $50 Tommy Armour EFT blade putter, 33.5": $50 TaylorMade Sim
  12. Not all fitting recs are perfect - some things could get missed, or sometimes you're having a good day with a club and it doesn't work long-term. My iron fit this year was spot on. My driver fit was not - was great on Trackman but after further trial on course I'm realizing my swing works better with a different driver setup than I was fit into. If possible, get a second opinion, ideally blind. Go to a PGASS or something, work with a rep without telling them the fitting results of CC, and see if you get the same result. I'll echo what someone above said, if you're already hesitant
  13. Yeah, something's not quite right... I top out around 105mph but can get to 158ish ball speed, my spin is a lot lower but can carry 280. Efficiency does seem way low. Hopefully it's a launch monitor thing and not a driver thing, if you experience wildly different results on the course/at the range I'd discard those numbers. With your swing speed you might be better suited to an X flex/6.5 shaft too. You're probably close enough to play whatever is comfortable for you but something stiffer might help you drop that spin, especially if you're already in a low/low shaft and still spinning 3300.
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