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  1. I swear the demo heads I’ve hit have been like 208g. My 410LST is 204 and the 425 series was noticeably heavier. That head and the 70g Rogue shaft felt like swinging a sledgehammer (and I like a bit of a heavier setup).
  2. Hey all - Looking to see if anyone has a strokes gained formula for their launch monitor exports. During my winter testing, trying out different drivers, I'd like to not just look at launch/spin/speed/offline numbers but also calculate my LM sessions with a strokes gained formula. I've seen some of the old spreadsheet formulas/calculations on older threads here, but these seem to be catered toward actually playing (fair enough, makes sense). I've also seen in Mark Crossfield videos that he uses strokes gained to compare the drivers he's testing, which is basically what I want to do
  3. I'm not... but, only because I have the standard CF19s and I'm not seeing a ton of improvement. I'm not sure if I'd play the Apex Pros, but they are really pretty. Not sure if this is the place for this question but I'll try anyway - Ian from TXG mentioned on their live fitting of these that the standard Apex, he'd fit down to about a 5 handicap. I know there are no hard and fasts on this (and please for god's sake do not turn this into a GI vs blade debate) but is anyone playing CF16/CF19/considering CF21 at a 5 handicap or below? I'm starting to see some wonky stuff with my CF19s
  4. When you start playing the TSi3 regularly please update this thread with a forgiveness comparison against the 410LST. Currently in the 410LST and really liking it but hit TSi3 in the demo bay well too, but only concern is giving up some forgiveness on mishits. *EDIT sorry OP, now seeing you want this thread to be G425 LST/Max and TSi3 only, my bad I'll hopefully have some Max figures to contribute to this thread shortly.
  5. I really enjoyed the Rogue White, and found the AV Raw Orange to be too high launch/spin (~105mph SS). Tour 65 performs well too. Will all depend on your launch/spin profile of course, but the difference between Tensei Orange and Rogue White was pretty darn noticeable in the Max head for me.
  6. Same. Either one of these would be great to see uploaded tomorrow now that they have the lefty heads!
  7. 1. City and State? Minneapolis, MN 2. Handicap? 5.8 3. What ZX iron set do you want to test? ZX7 3. Are you able to test equipment on a golf course with one week of its receipt? No... but, I have access to GCHawk and could do a full LM analysis of these irons (and, pit those figures and dispersion against my current irons if desired). 4. Current Iron setup? Callaway CF19, 5-AW, Modus 120x 5. What is the most exciting thing about the ZX irons? V sole, forging, and cleeeean look! And it's Srixon, I know the feel will be buttery. 6. Do you agree to participate in a
  8. How on earth was the Max averaging 1400? (Apologies if I missed it in previous posts.) Consistent high/toe strike pattern?
  9. For sure. I’ll be checking the LST and Max against 2ish months of my own data on the 410lst later in the week so I’m hopeful I can lay out what’s going on between these three drivers.
  10. True! Also @vietnameeh, sounds like if you loft down a degree or two, you’ll be money. FWIW I see similar launch and spin numbers playing 410LST at 10 degrees as I do with G400Max at 8 degrees.
  11. Take this with a grain of salt as I only hit a handful with each, but seemed like a couple hundred. LST stayed closer to 2000-2200, Max 2100-2500. Again, grain of salt, and I’ll be able to answer this better later this week. Honestly the 425LST seemed pretty darn similar to my current 410LST.
  12. I was able to hit a few with both the Max and LST heads last night and will be testing further later this week. Will in all likelihood spend money on the Max - 9 head had me at 15 launch, ~2100 to 2500 spin in the Rogue 70S. AV Raw X felt good but seemed to launch/spin a hair too high (to be fair, I was hitting driver high with everything last night). LST was pretty darn good too, but I think the spin in the Max is playable enough to game.
  13. Fair enough. It is different for sure. I'll give them a week or so, if we don't see a more solid review/fitting and comparisons to other top drivers after that it definitely won't pass the smell test. Hopeful that what we're looking for is just later in their queue of content on this driver line.
  14. I think for folks like us, seeing Matt go through his usual fitting and swing at 120mph is what we're looking for. But for a lot of golfers, average swing speed and using stock shafts is what people are looking for as that's all they'll have access to. This is interesting for sure, but I'm still holding out for the 410LST vs 425 Max/LST, and the 425 Max/LST vs TSi3, Radspeed, etc.
  15. Gonna hit up my local PGA SS tonight and hope they have these demo heads. With the spin dropping with the Max, I'm hopeful that I can fit into that and keep spin around 2400 with the 9 degree head / Rogue shaft combo. If so I might just order on the spot and test against my current 410LST / Ventus Blue for the rest of the winter. A side note - I'm most curious for a real TXG head to head with proper fitted clubs (has to be coming today, right?) but also in-depth 410LST comparisons. The 425LST spin seems to be dropping into Mavrik SZ and SIM territory, lower than I could likely pla
  16. Man, if the spin on the Max stays low enough, I would be so stoked to play it.
  17. For sure, I've seen a handful but looking forward to the North America embargos expiring for the likes of MGS, TXG, etc. There's definitely some good stuff out there though, Alex Etches' G425 review was great.
  18. Does anyone know the embargo expiration dates for TM/Callaway/Ping? Really anxious to see some write ups and video reviews on these, as great as the feedback is in this thread!
  19. They do have a relationship with Arccos as well, I believe they are Arccos' Canadian distributor or something along those lines.
  20. Great info, thanks! A buddy is putting me on his Costco membership so I can stock up on balls/gloves I’ll check this out at the same time. Appreciate the detail!
  21. I was looking at that as well. Are they comparable in everything other than cost?
  22. I'll bump this - looking for the same thing, especially the net/personal items zone on both. I like the open net portion of the Clicgear 4.0 along with the closed plastic portion, as opposed to the Nitron without the open net. Would love feedback anyone has, thanks!
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