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  1. Heading out to Vegas for a few days next weekend to play a few courses. Highs are 52/Sunny, 55/Sunny, and 58/Sunny. anybody play out there before in that weather? I’m coming from Michigan so obviously it will be warmer than here but how much should I expect to have to layer up? any insight would be greatly appreciated!
  2. Anybody else that got the 0211’s with the Elevate Tour option having issues with distance? I hit the ball way too high (naturally a high hitter to begin with) and they seem to spin too much. Losing about a club length (more for PW and GW) from my old irons even though the 0211’s are lofted stronger. Any low trajectory, low spin shaft suggestions that you all have used on the 0211’s?
  3. Trying to find the best ball for me. Have used AVX and Chromesoft off and on and enjoy them both but would love some input. 7 hdcp. I hit my driver about 230-40, and my 8 iron is my 150 club. I naturally hit the ball very high. My ideal ball is a low spin ball off the tee to maximize distance, but good spin around the green, and a soft feel off the putter face. Pipe dream, I know. I am able to keep my handicap where it is due to my short game and putting so that feel is important to me. however I can lose a TON of distance with a high spin ball off the t
  4. I’m sure it’s been mentioned in here but there are 50 pages lol has anyone had issues with lofts being off when they receive these? I got 5-G. After 7 rounds with them the 5,7,8, and 9 seem to be going correct distances. 6, pw and gw seem short. haven’t had them checked yet, but wondering if anyone else has seen this issue.
  5. Definitely didn’t get a black box, but o well. Took them on the range and loved them, though I will be switching the grips out most likely. Mine were shipped 3 days short of 6 weeks. If I would have done standard shipping then I would have received them about 6.5 weeks after order (in Michigan so 6 days or so for ground.).
  6. Well my 0211’s will finally be here today. Ordered 5/7. based on box measurements on FedEx tracking, I didn’t get a black box which is disappointing, but o well ??
  7. Based on my experience, I would tack on another 2 weeks to their two week prediction. I was told 2 weeks over 3 weeks ago. They still can’t give me a timeframe. Coming up on 6 weeks since I ordered.
  8. You ordered 4/27 and still don’t have them? I ordered 5/7 ?? what doesn’t make sense is that in another discussion a guy said he ordered 5-P 0211 on May 14 and already has them.
  9. Glad to know someone is getting their stuff ?
  10. Based on my experience I wouldn’t hold your breath. Ordered on 5/7. Been in assembly for 23 days now. Have been told they were scheduled to ship out, then to be told a week later that they will be ready in 2 weeks. And now 2 weeks later I was told could be another 2 weeks. Hope you got the truth though!
  11. Yeah I agree with this. I have no problem with waiting. If I would have been told 8 weeks when I ordered, I would still have ordered but would have kept my irons (which I sold due to being promised 4 weeks at most). Instead I have been told they are done and shipping multiple times, have been told 2 more weeks, followed by being told 2 more weeks. It is absurd. Hasn’t anyone heard of under promise and over deliver?
  12. What irons did you order? I ordered 5/7 and they have been in assembly for over 3 weeks. I’ve never owned anything PXG and was (am) pumped to get them, but this whole experience has definitely turned me off of them. The clubs gonna have to blow me out of the water to make it worth it.
  13. Well, I finally got some honest answers from them. The director of CS told me two weeks ago it would be 2 weeks at the latest and NOTHING I ordered was backordered at any point. Supervisor called me today and told me that the 5,6,7 iron heads have been backordered for a while and they will be restarting 0211 builds this weekend, with mine HOPEFULLY being built next week. She is is first rep I have talked to there that didn’t seem to BS me to try to save the sale. I was going to cancel, but due to her honesty and straightforwardness, I will wait it out for a little bit longer.
  14. Who did you have to bribe to get your clubs so fast?! ??
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