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  1. That’s insane. I ordered March 30 and supposedly they will be shipped next Monday
  2. I ordered Apex 21 irons on 3/30 based on websites 2-3 week lead time. Order status said mid-June. Shafts were backordered so I changed those and delivery estimate changed to 4/19. 2 days later delivery date changed to 5/10. So in summary, I don’t think the companies even have a clue what their lead times are lol.
  3. I’m sure they could, but it would add a substantial gapping issue for me, which would make me buy an additional wedge if I wanted to use them in an event. So I wouldn’t use partial set anyway.
  4. Good for you, at least I know someone is getting their clubs Just spoke to them on the phone and they are now saying the AW head is backordered till the end of May so I assume my order will be pushed out even farther. May end up just cancelling, as I wanted these irons for 2 events I have the first two weekends in June. Bummer, but what can ya do, crazy times
  5. Well the adventure continues. Turns out my original shafts are backordered till June. Gave them a call, switched shafts to ones that are scheduled to be in this week and projected ship date was 4/19. Now the projected ship date changed to 5/10. So who knows when I’m going to get my clubs lol
  6. Thanks for that awesome piece of information. I don’t slice often, however that is my big miss. On the occasions it does happen, it is nice to have a ball that doesn’t spin as much off the tee to mitigate the damage. Thanks for your great contribution to the discussion
  7. I’m not really a slicer, generally a pretty straight flight. Slice is just my bad miss with driver and 3 wood. Have tried Srixon balls and have never gotten along with any of them. Leaning towards AVX, but may just stick with TP5X or CSX and figure them out around the green. Thanks all!
  8. Looking for some recommendations. I have a 100 mph driver swing speed. Naturally hit the ball pretty high. With that said, my miss off the tee is a hard slice, so I prefer the the X balls (Tp5x, Chromesoft X etc) off the tee because it seems to mitigate that miss. Also prefer those for distance with longer clubs again for minimal spin and more distance. However, around and on the green I find those balls quite clicky, especially off the putter face. Much prefer the standard versions in those spots. Any ball out there that could be considered the best of both worlds? Got some events coming up this season so really want to lock in on a ball for the year.
  9. Yeah absolutely. Like I said, not angry or anything. Times are crazy right now. I just have a few events in early June so would like to have them for a few weeks before that.
  10. I finally got on the phone with them and the rep claimed they were scheduled to ship 4/17. Evidently there is some glitch in the online status because he guessed it was showing mid July before I gave him any info, so must not be the first time he heard that. he said it would be even quicker if it wasn’t for the custom length shafts.
  11. That is very promising. Mine are also custom order. Did your order status give you crazy time at first as well? thanks!
  12. Can anybody give me promising news on the lead time? Just ordered yesterday based on the 2-3 week lead time on their website, however checked order status today for fun and it shows delivery between JULY 19-23. I get delays with covid and everything, and I’m not upset by any means, just can’t wait that long so trying to determine if I should cancel or not. Been on phone with callaway for 30 min and haven’t gotten through to a rep yet so figured I’d throw it on here to see anyone else’s experiences.
  13. Heading out to Vegas for a few days next weekend to play a few courses. Highs are 52/Sunny, 55/Sunny, and 58/Sunny. anybody play out there before in that weather? I’m coming from Michigan so obviously it will be warmer than here but how much should I expect to have to layer up? any insight would be greatly appreciated!
  14. Anybody else that got the 0211’s with the Elevate Tour option having issues with distance? I hit the ball way too high (naturally a high hitter to begin with) and they seem to spin too much. Losing about a club length (more for PW and GW) from my old irons even though the 0211’s are lofted stronger. Any low trajectory, low spin shaft suggestions that you all have used on the 0211’s?
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