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  1. Nice. I'm going to pickup a pair of these to put in the 90's set I'm making
  2. You make a good point. How you manage the 'good' and 'not so good' shots with these clubs probably tips the scales to which one a player should use...we can quip about too-high or too-low ball flights but ultimately that is baked into your 'good' and 'not so good' shot theory.
  3. This is interesting...and touches on my dilemma. Would you/anyone care to share thoughts on ball flight and peak height of a 21* 7w versus a 21* Hybrid?? I used to game a 7w in middle/early high school but grew out of hit as I became a better player and found the 7w going uncontrollably high. I tried hybrids but had to abandoned them for a driving aliron stop the bag cuz I have a naturally high ball flight and found hybrids to be hook machines. Now with the advancement of lightweight steel shafts and the nippon GOST, I'm thinking of gamin a 7w or hybrid again.
  4. I haven't tried it with anything but the best way to measure clubhead volume is to dunk it in water and measure the displacement. Might take a little legwork to get some graduated containers and/or do some unit conversions but neither is that hard to do. I imagine it could also be a little dicey with clubhead having removable weights... I mean are those screws sealed? If anyone has tried this I'd love to hear how it went.
  5. Which is kindof a shame...I emailed Titleist for this information directly but haven't not heard back yet.
  6. There's no way all of them can be that size...I saw the tsi2 5w in a store and it was definitely smaller...as far as how much, I have no idea.
  7. kstrong84

    4 wood

    I have an XR 16 Pro 4 wood...it's 16*, small head 145cc, 42.5" with a HZRDUS smoke yellow 6.5 TX tipped .75”....the head shape is phenomenal. It's a little much for me with that shaft though so I would be open to moving it. DM me if you have interest.
  8. Anybody know what this is for the 13.5, 15, 16.5, 18 and 21 degree models? Seems like the 15 deg is 175cc but I cannot find info on any of the others....
  9. Hey, I'm in a similar boat but Titleist no longer seems to carry the 1150. Thinking about going with the Modus 105 X-flex instead...any thoughts on how they would compare to the 1150?
  10. Hey me too actually! Been playing the PX 6.0 forever and a day but just got fit for the 1150 X-flex. The only problem I have is ordering them myself...can't seem to find them on the Titleist custom options. So I been trying to find out about the Modus 105 X-flex and go with that...
  11. In short - 8 degrees is probably too much. Even if you are intimately familiar with your wedges and a wizard with partial swing shots, you will probably find yourself lacking at some point on the course. Try and keep it 4-6 degrees. Maybe a 52/58 if you are trying to keep it to 3 wedges.
  12. I think you can do 52/58 if you wanted to carry only 3 wedges but I think not having more loft than 55/56 could cost you a stroke or two per round... sometimes the ball just needs to go up high and down soft!
  13. I love this debate! And my answer is...it depends. The 58 is certainly more versatile as it is far better on full swing shots but if you use your lob wedge almost exclusively for flop shots around the green, the extra 2 degrees provided by the 60 is extremely valuable. Therefore, it really depends on the rest of your wedge setup...52/58, 52/56/60, 50/54/58, or 50/54 (or 55!)/60 are all viable.
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