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  1. This is a very interesting topic. While I am not an especially good golfer I generally have hit the woods much farther (50-70 yards) than my peers of my hc level, 10+. Whereas they generally have an over the top move I draw the ball. I have come to the conclusion that the only real difference is not any particular hand or arm mechanics only that I get my weight fully on my right side and feel my right leg pushing through impact. I have had my clubhead speed measured over 120 mph when I was in my 30's. The reason I feel this may be relevant is that in the 1000 estimated rounds of public golf I have played I can't ever remember a golfer with an over the top move that resisted well with his lower body no much less got a good weightshift. Furthermore, I feel like most people never fix their slice they only have temporary fixes usually by trying to pull their left hip out of the way or something with the hands and the arms. Also, I am helping a friend learn to play golf and he of course has a bad over the top move and maybe hits 85-90 with his driver jumping out of his shoes with a big slice. However, when I can get him to start the swing with the left hand controlling the club and pushing it back with the right side passive and pushing off his right leg his clubhead speed jumps 10-20 mph with no other changes, plus his ball flight changes to a draw. I find it interesting with so much instruction out there that so few instructors are talking about how pushing of the right side can be a permanent fix of any slice, plus it's easy on the body as oppose to pulling the left hip around. Nonetheless, I feel that many instructors feel this is difficult to teach to their audience hence it goes mostly ignored.
  2. I had some Snake Eyes irons when I started back playing golf a couple of years ago but I gave them away because I was away from the game for almost 10 years and couldn't hit them. However, after trying various component irons, from GI to blades I eventually settled on some '99 DCI 990B cast blades based on reviews here on the forums and my desire to find an iron w/o so much toe weight like is found on most clubs today.
  3. Back squats are rarely done correctly imo after having worked out in gyms for 30+ years. Going down too far and too much angle in the back leaning forward, both of which will hurt the knees and back over time. On the other hand front squats won't allow too much angle in the back as the bar will fall off. It is also more difficult so training is done with less weight. It is not as easy for novices to go down too far and hurt the knees as this requires not only good form but especially strong muscles that take time to develop.
  4. I don't know anything about this guy or his methods but have found out the more you can hold the clubs in your fingers the more clubhead speed you can generate w/o turning the shoulders, and it can help hit the ball straighter as well as it's easier to keep the hands in front of the body. It is something I have been working on trying to imitate Rocco Mediate. Ironically, he says he never does anything consciously w/his hands.
  5. To me it appears your right leg/lower back aren't resisting enough because of the vigorous leg action late in the downswing. Sometimes swings can hit the correct positions but don't load the body correctly which means the body has to generate velocity by turning the shoulders and hips as opposed to elastic loading of the tendons and muscles. After your takeaway starts try pushing your left hand opposite the target and feel like you are rebounding off the right side. Tom Watson said it's like "dancing". I focus on this in my swing more so than mechanics and can swing my driver over 110 mph consistently with somewhat poor arm and hand mechanics due to limited lower back flexibility. When I get the mechanics correct I can get near 120 mph, which is not bad because I'm 56 and only 5'5" and 150 lbs.
  6. I've always like the DG bend profile and used to play X100's but have looked for other options to hit the ball higher. I tried the FST 115 shaft, which I liked better than the DG's. Then I tried some TT Lite XL Taper Tip - even though I never liked the TT Lite's because the bend point was too low and I never could hit them straight. However, the taper tip has changed this so now I get the best of both worlds, I hit the ball high and straight.
  7. Everyone shanks once in a while. What I have learned for George Gankas is that the golfer will "get" to the ball almost no matter how he is setup, which blows out of the water some swing theories but I find it's true in my own swing and looking at pros who move their head either side to side or up and down significantly and still hit the ball solid. As far as being on the toes through impact I am actually trying to do that more consistently after seeing Rocco Mediate recommend it as well as realize its what I do when I hit the ball well. It is also much easier on my back. If you've made a recent change to your setup to be on your toes through impact that is probably the culprit and your brain just need to do some re-calibrating, it may take a couple of months.
  8. The golf swing is very difficult to master and for some who believe that they have an understanding of the swing they can't accept other methods probably because they don't want swing thoughts that might effect their swing. However, I think most here are like myself who understand some parts of the swing and are here to learn from others who may have a better understanding.
  9. I have been doing my best to make what I understand to be my version of Rocco's swing work. This is different from my normal technique because I generally have my hands farther forward which causes me to drop my right shoulder through impact at times, which I am trying to eliminate. I have been purposely rotating my left hand over as I start the takeaway as well as pushing the hand back and making sure the back of my left hand is flat at the top, and it seems to be working. I have never really been conscious of how my hands are at the top so this is new to me. I see that this method gives up a little clubhead speed but my back feels better. As I mentioned earlier Rocco starts with the back of his left hand cupped and has it flat at the top, and furthermore the wrist gradually flattens while he starts the takeaway. This is different from his practice takeaway and it has really been crucial to me to see this difference because I couldn't make it work consistently before.
  10. I have made a couple of poor mans mini drivers - a '98 Callaway Big Bertha 195cc for $25, a '98 253 cc Great Big Bertha for $35, a TM 360 cc R7 for $35 plus a cheap shaft and my latest a '04 Big Bertha titanium for $70. It actually looks smaller than the TM R7 because the face is deeper, say around 340 cc. There is one other driver that I used to play and had some of my best rounds ever, a Cleveland Quadpro of only 260 cc but I think they only went up to 10.5 deg. because the fairway woods started at 13 deg. They go for around $30.
  11. I'm 56 and I've probably dropped 12 mph on my max clubhead speed. However, I am gradually learning more about my good swing and using my hands and legs more efficiently. I also do weight training and have come to realize that golf has been good for my problematic back, especially since I started looking at Rocco Mediate and get up on the balls of my feet through impact.
  12. If that was his home in Fayetteville I played at his course quite often from 95-97.
  13. I would go with whatever spins the most and hits the ball high to be able to stick all of the approaches.
  14. I think the reason for this is most people are trying to hit their irons at their maximum distance. I did this for about 15 years until I finally realized it was true what the better players were saying - swing easier with your irons. Part of the problem is also marketing - longer hitting irons sell good so no one ever wants to be left behind. I only plan on hitting my 7 iron 154 yards, which I believe many would find is too short based on how far I hit my woods.
  15. We don't have GPS and my home course only has some yardage markers, no "daily pin placement" advice and a few greens are elevated so you can't see where the pins are. However, I only play this course(the only one in my area) so I have come to be ok at estimating the distances. I generally try to plan for a miss that is the farthest away from the very common drop-offs. I rarely underclub as I don't swing hard with my 5-W.
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