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  1. I think the waggle is letting the back of the right hand cup back in the correct position with the forearm to get ready for the downswing as the right hand is very passive on the takeaway and the initial part of the downswing as that was the classical method.
  2. Hogan played with an open clubface with a flat swing and could hit a draw. Watching Bryson's hands through impact its clear he's using them to the max as Hogan recommended, in spite of the fact that he has large grips. Looking at the angle of his knuckles of the left hand at the top of the swing he still has the club plently enough in the fingers, but that shoulder be expected as he has his left wrist very extended and pushing away from him at address and continues to push the arm and hand away. He also drops the right arm in and gets the right hand in a very good position, it's easy to hit cl
  3. chipa

    2020 US Open

    I have been lifting weights for 35 years and when a guy lifts even light weights the results are nothing less than astounding compared to others who have to do it the hard way, especially if they have never lifted weights before. Some people use steroids but then don't train with enough resistance to make the muscle grow as it can. I believe Bryson's workout routine with the combination of steroids had he been taking them would have given much more significant results in terms of muscle mass. College football weight training programs have been successful for decades in helping players gain sig
  4. Most higher hc have difficulty with the long irons and from what I've seen in 15 years rarely have a I seen a high hc with a driving iron. I myself am a high hc but for some reason I hit my longer irons and even driver better than my short irons. I also play a draw and generally miss it left. Nonethless, I recently found a square faced 16 degree 2 hybrid that I shafted like a 4 wood (42.5") and I definitely bomb this off the tee when I hit it in the center - it has a pretty small face. I would say the distance is around 235 on average but have hit it almost 290 from an elevated te
  5. Anyone can see Jack does it to start his swing. As if there were any dowbt Jack says he turned his head to the right to copy Sam Snead "He (Sam Snead)often cocked his chin to the right, just before taking the club back. Jack Nicklaus played with Sam once as a youngster and developed a similar swing trigger. "If it was good enough for Sam, it was good enough for me," Nicklaus told me in an interview..." https://www.golfdigest.com/story/saturday-morning-tip-why-you-n
  6. I read this started a long time ago in the 60's with Jack actually. I believe he was considerably longer than most in the field comparatively speaking, plus he had a steep swing with the short irons that helped in the rough. Maybe only Weiskopf hit it farther consistently. What a great swing he had too. I think I remember him hitting a 5 iron 195 when everyone was hitting their 3 the same distance.
  7. Nicklaus said he rotated his head to the right to start the swing - https://golf.com/news/what-you-can-learn-jack-nicklaus-centered-head-position/ Bobby Jones turns his head in this video Here in the same video one of his students ask him why he "cocks" his head. Next.
  8. Bobby Jones turn his head right before he starts his swing in most of the videos I've see. In fact in one of his teaching videos someone asks does he have a problem seeing the ball because he turns his head so much and Bobby responded he doesn't have to see the ball only right behind it.
  9. Bobby Jones, Jack Nicklaus and Ben Hogan all turned their heads to start the swing and many more of course. Anyone can see this on youtube. I think people should try it especially that pull the right shoulder back and then have to try to figure how to hit the ball from there.
  10. Most good golfers do it and I think it can help with the takeaway and get good extension with the left side and a weight shift, as well as help players bring their left shoulder across as opposed to pulling their right side back.
  11. Those were probably Dunlop's. I started golf at the same time and got a cheap half mallet Dunlop putter that I played very well with, then let it go because of a couple of bad rounds. I really regretted that until I found almost an exact copy that putts just as good as the original. BTW, I liked Fuzzy and followed him, his swing looked so easy. Such a shame he got in that mess making fun of Tiger at the Masters, after than Kmart dropped him and he all but disappeared. I don't think he meant any harm, just speaking w/o thinking like most politicians.
  12. One of the reason we have too many wedges is because some of the wedges are actually no longer wedges.
  13. Good golfers swing very differently than 95% of most golfers, and understandably most golf instruction is directed toward them, after all it is a business. However, the notions of "shallowing the club", keeping the right arm in or waiting in order to release the right hand, or snapping the left hip back, etc are not relevant to golfers with good technique because they have found a way to connect their swing so the body works together. This is how they are able to not only generate a lot of clubhead speed with less effort than more people, but their are infinitely more accurate.
  14. If the machine is like the old Iron Byron machine the torque applied to the main arm is the only force applied to the club and the clubhead speed is therefore proportionate to this force. As I mentioned early, this does not mimic a good golfers swing, because he applies force with his right hand as well. His left shoulder pulling down and back somewhat mimic the main arm of the Iron Bryon machine.
  15. From what I have seen there is no applied force to the piece that holds the club and rotates. There appears to be a catch with a small spring to hold the club in place, that's all. The only force applied is from the arm that rotates, this starts the downswing then the centrifugal force generated by the aforementioned arm will cause the rotation of the piece that holds the club, that's it. To ensure that the clubhead is at the maximum extension during impact the ball would need to be moved to that particular position. In a human swing any force that is applied to the clu
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