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  1. Players distance and game improvement irons add distance with decreased lofts at the expense of spin so if the goal is to hold greens it would be better to look at player's cavity backs and forget about what number is stamped on the bottom.
  2. Update: I have been trying to make the Rocco/Ballard swing off and on for two years with inconsistent success, especially how the hands are used. In fact Rocco says in one of his videos his hands don't do anything and he doesn't swing "around" his body like other methods. Nonetheless I hurt my problematic left knee trying to use this concept. However, I realize the Rocco swing appears to be easier on my back when I get it right so I have kept at it. Fortunately, I realize Walter Hagen had very similar mechanics and a release through the ball where he doesn't drop his right shoulder. After watching all of the videos available I notice he has a 1/4 takeaway sequence rather than a swing or a waggle. This has been instrumental in understanding this type of swing. I now understand why Rocco says that the hands are passive and Ballard says that the elbow "c0ck" the hands. Nonetheless, I couldn't get there from their advice but by looking at Hagen's videos. In effect the upper left arm controls the takeaway with the forearm and hands holding on passively and positioning themselves according to what the upper left arm is doing. Also, the upper shoulders turn through impact more than other methods hence the odd way Rocco's and Hagen's head turn after he hands pass impact. Finally, I find it of utmost importance to have the weight toward the front of the feet as Rocco recommends, this allows for the lower body to easily resist and have the right side loaded automatically due to the upper left arm pushing back. The legs feel very active but with very little lateral movement. Here is a video of Hagen that has been instrumental in understanding this swing. "Walter Hagen Practicing at CCR" https://vimeo.com/610139500
  3. I walk and my home course is very hilly and am setting up my bag to be as light as possible(I'm 56). Since my home course is short I am only using a 4 wood off the tee. I was thinking that based on what I can tell it is normal for the gapping for woods to be more on average than the the irons. Base on that I was thinking that my woods(and hybrid) can be gapped 15-20 yards and my irons 10 yards. I would like to see how others set up their gapping. TIA.
  4. I played X100's until I tried various shafts some as light as 95 grams. I ended up with 115 grams shafts(uncut). I also went lighter in my woods from 85 grams (trimmed) to 65 to 80 grams (trimmed). My driver ss would be around 110 if I used one.
  5. This is a good question. I build my own clubs and have noticed that the head weights for woods are higher for the same length that irons (11 wood and 1 iron) while hybrids are slightly heavier than irons. I don't know if this has anything to do with why I hook hybrids as they always feel a little light to me. Nonetheless, I've ordered a 25 degree component head and I plan on removing a weight screw and extending it an inch so it will play about 2 swingweights over the Golfworks standard for a 4 hybrid. I hope this will help to make it more consistent. Also, it would be interesting to see a table with the headweights, length and swingweights of the overlapping clubs.
  6. I'm not a teaching pro just another student of the golf swing on his own journey to improve and I have to give a lot of credit to Manny. I remember trying to help a fellow golfer many years ago who practically stopped his swing right after impact. We tried various things but it was apparent he had this ingrained to the point that something drastically different would have to be done. Nonetheless, I didn't see him anymore at the range we practiced. My advice assuming you are having a similar issue is to go hit softballs in a batting cage. Not only will you have to use a different technique you will also have to learn to use the lower body effectively. If you can get to the point that the pressure in your feet tells you when to stat the downswing then this might take focus of the hands and the arms and free them up. I have been at best a single digit hc but hit the ball quite far mainly by focusing on pushing off my right leg. I started hitting softballs is a cage as well. Another drill would be to hit balls with only one hand at a time and practice throwing an old golf club with just the right hand side arm like in the golf swing, this will also get the lower body involved. Good luck.
  7. I did respond to you about the elastic loading and unloading. Most high hadicappers don't understand this and thus this give it very little importance. This is why most believe that if your left heel hasn't come off the ground, or the head hasn't move to the right then there is no weightshift. Arnold Palmer and Ben Hogan said this was important but current swing theory seems to disagree.
  8. I never really paid attention to how my fairway woods align and that's probably why I hit them so bad. However, when I finally did find something that suits me my ball striking improved a great deal.
  9. I was thinking this might be the reason some higher hc like myself prefer blades or smaller cb's because hitting from the inside it's probably easier to hit closer to the hosel so toe mishits aren't that common. My DCI's have very little perimeter weighting but I don't believe it is a disadvantage as my longest iron is the 5 iron. I switched out the longer irons for a hybrid and 7 wood.
  10. OP - weaken your right hand grip to make it standard. I like your pushing off the lower body, you probably get good distance and don't have to worry about going over the top. Keep up the good work.
  11. With all due respect rolling the hands and forearms over at the start of the swing is not necessarily bad technique (if the shoulders are rotating too) as many very good golfers have done this. It is also a method of having the legs resist from the very beginning of the golf swing, which very few high hc golfers do. I would say this guys swing looks promising only he needs to weaken his right hand grip.
  12. I would like to play competitively but I feel my swing isn't at the level that I can stop the wheels from falling off at will so it wouldn't be enjoyable. I am not expecting perfection either just a go to swing to get the ball and play when I need to. I think anyone who has to deal with big swing issues would find competitive golf more stressfull.
  13. With all due respect hitting a ball high doesn't mean it will stop quickly, thus making it difficult to judge where the ball will end up on the green. But I think many golfers that use these clubs are probably just happy to be on the green I suppose and I understand (I used to think like this) that but honestly they won't lower their hc that way. As far as gapping goes my irons are at 10-11 yards which for me is perfect so that I never have in between shots. I think as long as one has 7 yards between clubs this is not any disadvantage as more clubs can be added at the top end if needed. According to the Trackman tour stats gapping with long irons is only 9 yards.
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