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  1. I wouldn't equate mishits and hitting it fat as swing faults, just the hand eye coordination can take months to come back after a long layoff, in my case almost a year. Also, you might try swinging at 80% with the irons. Since I started back playing this has helped me tremendously, plus getting the right offset and shaft flex for me. Finally, you could post a swing video, I have and have gotten some useful comments that have convinced me I need to make significant changes to my backswing. BTW, I never worry about my downswing anymore I long ago figured that was a sure f
  2. With your clubhead speed I would recommend avoiding players distance clubs because the reality is they will spin less and you will have a harder time stopping them compared to traditional irons. Also, I have a high ss but have opted to swing 80% with my irons because I just need to have my yardages accounted for up to 215. At any rate it doesn't matter anymore what is stamped on it, Cobra and Callaway long ago did away with that with their arms race. The only thing I care about hitting far is off the tee.
  3. The new GI irons definitely have advantages but I think the higher ss players generally hook the ball (like me) and thus the GI irons with their considerably more offset only make hooking worse, as I found out.
  4. I started playing a year and a half ago with an old set and X100 shafts but then changed the shafts to something softer and lighter and have had three different sets of component iron heads. Also, the shafts proved to be too soft as my swing technique developed so I went back to an X shaft but about 15 grams lighter than the X100's. At first I didn't like the shafts but that changed. I think anyone who is starting to play golf and is serious about improving will have to make equipment changes as their swing progresses.
  5. I think this thread has run its course. My swing is nothing to copy, only try to feel lag and/or the clubhead as MLDT said.
  6. I understand what you are saying. Remember the title of this thread is about lag and it being my proposed first step to having a powerful swing, not that my swing is pretty or that I hit it straight all the time. The feeling of lag can be employed in any type of swing as it is employed in other sports like baseball and tennis.
  7. I never once said I am promoting my swing method only that I can generate a lot of clubhead speed because of feeling lag. I even posted the problems with my swing from the very first post. Can you now just give it a break?
  8. What I am hung up is everybody telling me I'm promoting my swing method, good grief.
  9. I have never promoted my swing method, don't believe what you hear buddy. I am promoting feeling the resistance to the club rotating, which I termed "lag".
  10. I am not promoting my swing method and have said this many times including my post you reference. I am only promoting feeling the resistance to the club turning over.
  11. That's really the whole purpose of this thread is that I believe feeling the resistance of the club to rotating is important no doubt because it loads the tendons and the muscles in the arms, etc.. I'm not promoting anything else about my swing, just that part.
  12. I was responding to your comment about my statements regarding the swing physics specifically the importance of loading and unloading flexible tissue in the body and how they generate clubhead speed. BTW, I am not promoting my particular swing method, I don't know how many times I have to say that, only that understanding the loading of the muscles and tendons can help one generate a lot of clubhead speed. I'm not the only one that has pointed out that I'm not promoting my particular swing method. You are now updated buddy.
  13. Supporting a hypothesis with evidence is a normal part of any discussion. You do the same I'm sure.
  14. I thought it was relevant to Mackenzie's theory. I see people post in older threads now and then, so are you telling me this is now prohibited?
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