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  1. Give the guys today the old clubs that Sam Snead and Arnold Palmer used, I think the new guys would have a hard time getting up to speed.
  2. Sam could kick a top of door frame at age 70. That's absolutely awesome. Not many people are gonna so that.
  3. That's tells you just how incredibly talented and amazing longevity of Sam Snead. If he could putt as well as he could hit it... He would have won 6 US Opens easy.
  4. Sunningdale is definitely the finest parkland course. New and Old.
  5. Collin will win the US Open someday for sure. He hits it very accurately with the irons that's a must to win anything in golf and of course the US Open would be the place for it. The Masters though... Heavy emphasis on putting. Then again Sergio won the Masters so never know.
  6. If it were 1977, then I'd say all pros were probably using blades. But I agree with this though, mid to late 1990s had significant impact and growth in technology for clubs.
  7. Tiger would have a significant advantage over the entire field if they stopped developing technology after 1997. IMHO.
  8. I think Jordan will be the next one to get it. Rory has putting issues for a while now.
  9. Same thing as when Greg won in 1993...
  10. Vijay was a streaky putter but as he showed in 2004 when he got the putter going, he was the best player in the game. Rahm has that talent for sure. If he can putt as good as he hits it... He would be the best player I believe.
  11. Yes Sergio is as good as a player with the irons as Collin is. See the 2008 Players Championship for example of Sergio's ball striking.
  12. The solution is to narrow the fairways and grow the rough. Sort of like a US Open. But it won't happen that way.
  13. All right I will play Devils advocate for Paul Azinger... The man beat cancer 26 years ago in his prime of his career, I think that says enough about Paul Azinger. Does he say silly stuff? Yes. We know. I don't think Zinger cares what people say about his skills as an broadcaster. He used to be very good with Nick Faldo when they used to work together.
  14. Well in 1977, same weather and we all know what happened there... But I get what you mean though.
  15. Yeah that's true largely because of he had to face Jack Nicklaus in his prime too. Of course.
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