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  1. That is a gorgeous flatstick. Amazing what kind of quality dude produces for being such a young gun. I’d love to get my hands on this but trying to behave financially. If you’re absolutely desperate feel free to shoot me a message, I might entertain a lowball offer but probably more worthwhile to be patient. GLWS regardless!
  2. That stinger is sexy, but I’m trying to beehive better lately. Very tempted
  3. Anybody want to scoop these up and let me mess around at the range a bit? DJ Protos on eBay
  4. How does the itobori style work on the MBs? If I recall correctly, they are cut and shaped before the heating process. Is that the case with these, or are they somehow refinished from a standard Titleist iron just to have the same aesthetic?
  5. Actually, I might even be interested myself, could you shoot me a PM? I don’t have full permissions yet as I’m pretty new here, but have had nothing but positive interactions so far.
  6. That putter is absolutely gorgeous, are you sure you’re asking enough for it? It would seem to me that if it’s in such amazing condition, and all original, it would carry a fairly substantial value. Happy birthday! GLWS
  7. Send me a message about the T22 if you wouldn't mind. I'm new here so don't have permissions yet
  8. Would you mind shooting me a PM about the 620mb set? I just created an account so it doesn't seem like I have permission to "start a conversation"
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