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  1. Sold - locking thread. Thanks everyone! I'm sure I'll have something else to sell soon
  2. I posted in this thread previously about my affinity for my Wilson CBs, which I listed on the BST forum (no bites yet) because they have unsurprisingly been unseated by Cobra King Tour MIMs. If anyone is interested in them please let me know, I'd like for them to go to a WRXer before listing on eBay.
  3. I purchased a set of ZX7s from a WRXer, which I only hit at the range due to snow, and sold the set on here after picking up Wilson Staff CB irons from a different WRXer that ordered them directly from Wilson. (I'm more of a sweeper and thought the v-soles would give me problems.) I was all set to game the Wilsons but a buddy let me try his Cobra King MIM Tours and I was hooked. While I was content with these I just yesterday purchased the Cobra set listed on BST (fate?), and so I made the decision to let the Wilsons go. I have an affinity for these irons and can't say enough about them, e
  4. All, there is hope. I went from ZX7s with $-Taper shafts to Wilson CBs with KBS Tours back to ZX7s with KBS Tours I picked up on here for a direct head-to-head because I’m a WRXer through and through. (Wife does not share my enthusiasm.) But, anyway, I ordered the ZX7 gap only with KBS Tour 120 S and GP grips on Saturday, 3/27 and it already shipped. Granted it’s only one head and not a popular one at that but posting to instill some hope at least!
  5. I “felt” the ball more with the Wilsons. The ZX7s are definitely smooth and forgiving but I almost felt too disconnected from the strike, if that makes any sense. Kind of like I was swinging and making contact on autopilot. Probably a personal preference thing, I guess I just like more of a harder strike in my irons. And I hear you on Srixon customer support. You can demo their drivers and woods for a minimal processing fee as long as you return them within X days. They sent the clubs with no email notification and no return label, all of which they say will accompany them. T
  6. Doing that, as opposed to picking up a full on second set of MBs, comparing the two, and selling one full set on here, is definitely the more logical take. The minimalist in me though is screaming for 3-P MBs and Wilson Staff wedges that I’m sure I’ll skull no more than 50 yards every time lol
  7. S300s and my swing never match for whatever reason. I really like KBS Tour and $-taper shafts but I’ve only played around with irons I’ve found on here.
  8. I think I’m the only one that went from the shiny new ZX7s to Wilson Staffs lol. I didn’t lose any distance with the CBs and hit them as far as the Srixons with KBS Tour 120 stiff shafts. If I pick up the blades I might go with $-tapers for some extra height.
  9. Picked up the Wilson Staff CBs on a whim on BST and they unseated my ZX7s in the bag. Thinking about picking the blades up too while I still can for a Wilson head-to-head matchup. Seems logical to me..
  10. Picked up a set of Wilson Staff CBs that dethroned ZX7s for me and my swing. Now I’m wondering about picking up a set of Wilson Staff Blades for a Wilson head to head. I have a strong affinity for blades and even if they don’t work out I figure they’ll go on BST in any event. Right? Right!? Please confirm so I can point my wife to this thread to justify them if I end up taking the plunge. Half joking..
  11. I went back and forth on which set to keep so many times. Even debated putting both up and just playing whichever one didn’t sell first lol
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