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  1. Tsi2 Driver Mavrik 16.5 sub-zero Ts2 19&21’ hybrid Mavrik Pro 5-gw Vokey 54’ Callaway PM 58’ Toulon Memphis putter How long ? If I get through to end of Jan I’ll be doing well. I have 5&6 Apex Pro irons on order to go with brand new 7-pw Callaway 18 MB irons and the Callaway UW goes on release in the Uk in about 3 weeks.
  2. Always carry. Use the new Titleist carbon bag which is very light. It can fit 14 clubs but it’s a bit tight getting clubs in and out and I find it more comfortable with 12. If I am taking 12 clubs then it’s driver, 5 wood, 4h, 5-pw, sw, lw and putter.
  3. Ok. Having watched this thread for a while it’s time to hand in my application form : haven’t played well for the past month but on Friday the swing came together, only 2 poor tee shots (both scrambled for pars) and a lot of solid irons for a 2 under handicap 81 score. So far so good, but the putting.... A total of 38 putts, a four putt, a three putt, fifteen two putts and a solitary one putt. The only one putt was a gimme on the 18th following a wedge to a foot which was conceded by my playing partners. Their logic was either a) not even I could miss that putt, or b) they couldn’t bear to watch me putt anymore. A total of 9 makeable birdie putts, everyone missed and 7 par savers, every one missed. A 3 footer for birdie missed, a 4 footer for birdie missed and 3x6 footers for birdie missed. Mitigating factors, I had played a different course the day before on slower greens and the green keepers had chosen some nasty pin positions. However the putter is now on notice.
  4. 375 yard par 4. Take a 3 wood for position, drill the ball straight into the ladies tee marker, ball ricochets back over my head. Played one, 385 yards to the pin......
  5. At present I am far more interested in shaft technology than heads. This may reflect that I am getting older, getting slower and aching in places after a round that I never used to. Consequently spending time and money on lighter steel and graphite shafts to take pressure off joints and keep the ball in the air.
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