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  1. If the i210 worked for you the Gen3 0311P may not be a good fit. I say this as a guy who bought a set of Gen3 Ps after a fitting where I loved the feel and had a good decent angle; but I have never been able to get over the lower spin, jumpers and fliers I get. I'm currently gaming a set of i210s while I wait for the Mizuno 223's I ordered to come in. They are so much better for me than the Gen3 P's in terms of spin (I tend to be low spin) and the distance control is a night and day difference. On a recent trip the i210s were so much better for me than the PXGs I am considering keeping them while I figure out if I like the turf interaction on the 223s once I get them outside. YMMV but based on my experience if the i210 work for you the Gen3 P's probably won't. I'd hit them but I'd also hit the Srixon ZX7 and the 223.
  2. After struggling with putting and hating the paint chips on my Spider I watched a guy get off a plane in Palm springs and sink everything with a DF 2.1. The Mezz looks like something I could game so I’ve set up a putter fitting with a local fitter who carries LAB. I’m trying to keep the fitting brand agnostic for now but I really want the Mezz to win. The fitter said LAB works great for some people. @labgolf - Any thoughts on who is best suited with a Mezz? The wait is killing me..,,
  3. Haven’t had the chance to hit the short irons yet. I can’t wait. I think the issue TXG had was the 10 degree gap between 8-P. The only other manufacturer I’m aware of that does that is Srixon. 46 isn’t really an outlier for a PW in players irons but the 10 degree gap is on the high side. I actually went the other way and bent 4-9 one degree weak on the 223s for a few reasons, mainly I wanted any extra spin I can get and I like the idea of less offset, even if it’s minimal. It did get the 8-P gap to 9 as well. I didn’t want to bend the P strong as it would increase offset and decrease bounce, which is already low on Mizunos.
  4. For Stiff I’m reading it the same as you, the 115 is actually a bit heavier than the 120. In X the 120 is a whopping 0.5g heavier. I’ve been fit into the Modus 105 S twice. With the 223 I went into the 115. I actually saw slightly higher club head speed but more importantly better dispersion with the 115. YMMV
  5. They must have just pulled the plastic off those as I don't see any paint chips Any chance they actually fixed the paint issues? I'm going to be on my 3rd Spider in as many years.
  6. So I wrapped my iron evals with a fitting today at 2nd Swing. I'm coming from PXG Gen3 P's and the low spin and jumpers just absolutely kill me. Don't ask why I moved to them from the Apex Pro 19. So over the last few months I've hit a lot of clubs including the i59, i210, T100, T100s and some Miura's. To date the i210s gave the best numbers for me and although I didn't love the feel I did grab a set at 2nd Swing with my normal shaft (Modus 105 Stiff). That was until I hit the 223's. I hit them at PGASS and loved the feel so I've been counting down days til my fitting today. I have not hit a better feeling Iron. I got better dispersion with the Modus 115 Stiff than the 105 and possibly gained a hair of club speed. I had been thinking of going 1 Degree weak on 4 - 9 so it was interesting that Aaron the fitter suggested it as well. It will give me a fraction more spin and decrease offset a hair which I like. Needless to say I'm pretty pumped to get the new clubs. I'm heading to Palm Springs on Friday and 2nd Swing is letting me keep the i210's for now so I'll have something other than the PXG's to game.
  7. Yeah the 58.12D is one that I’d like to experiment with. The sand at our club is inconsistent so right now I like to keep the 54.12 for soft lies and the 58.08 for the more common firmer sand. It’s also nice to have something for tighter fairway lies. The wedges look great. I’m ordering soon.
  8. I'm into the new look. But who am I kidding I was ordering a full set anyway. The only real question is if I order a couple more bounces to experiment with in addition to my standard 50.08F 54.12D and 58.08M.
  9. I'll go there. I'll say right up front this is an opinion and it's evolving. Personally, I think forgiveness has a lot to do with where you miss and how far it is from the sweet spot. Clubs vary on how well they handle different misses. I'm moving from 0311P's back to players Irons. With the big head of the P's I tend to miss alot of shots on the toe and get away with it (I fear the hozel). I've been demo'ing a lot of clubs and when I first picked up the 223, i210 and T100s I tend to hit some rotten shots off the toe at first. After 5 shots or I tend to find the sweet spot. The 223's feel the best of any club I've demo'd and I get more consistent dispersion. I also don't get the jumpers I get from a hollow body. So I'd say it's more demanding but also more consistent and accurate. The other piece to me is how the sole fits my swing and how the club fits my eye. The 223 make is better looking than my P's and not as scary as the T100S. Never owned Mizuno's yet but I think the low bounce will work well for a guy with a shallow -2 degree angle of attack.
  10. I’m gaming Gen3 0311P’s right now that I think are shovels. I’ve got a set of i210’s that I am testing until a fitting on Jan 5. I’m based in MN so I’m hitting in a sim and when I switch from the i210’s to the 0311Ps the 0311P’s feel way better but don’t perform as well. Hoping I find something in the fitting that feels and performs better…
  11. What about the true path alignment area? Even on the hydroblast it looks like that area is painted white. Both my Spider X and Ex have chipped in that area.
  12. Our club pro who is a Ping staffer said that they are almost always offered in some limited capacity even after they are replaced by a new model. So I think you will be able to get a set.
  13. I had a Spider X that In loved and was my main gamer. Had issues with the paint chipping and was sick of looking at it so when an EX showed up in the pro shop I took a look at it, made two strokes with it and put it in the bag. The old X is on the bench at home waiting for another chance but it never got one all year.
  14. I tend to be a fan of the TM Spider X and EX models. There are a couple of configs that have 23 - 28 degrees of tow hang which suits me well. Major improvement for me over the past face balanced mallet and blade (lots of hang) putters I hit. The downside is the TM putters really seem to have paint chip issues for me. No I don’t throw putters and yes I put a cover on it! It is a very personal choice. I think a quick fitting with a good putter guy would be a good move. You’ll get allot of opinions about good models on Golfwrx and they’re probably the right fit for that individual. A dude at 2nd swing fit me into the Spider X in about 30 minutes and it was the best purchase I’ve ever made.
  15. Thx for sharing, that will hold a green! I’m around a 85 mph SS on a 7i with a -2 angle of attack. Hoping to add about 3mph this winter. Interested to see how things shake out when I get fit. I’ll hit the 223 and the JPX Tours for sure.
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