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  1. man this is crazy! After reading this post I just decided to get mine off the rack and modify it myself! I aint trying to wait till summer!
  2. i just recently got a flask and added some Old Forester 1920! wow what a difference it makes in my game! same scores but with more confidence!
  3. I choose Z cord , just be sure to handpick your grips as i have found them to be somewhat inconsistent in the amount of cord in certain areas. i also use bleche white to keep them clean
  4. And just like that....... I now know that I need these sticks in the bag!
  5. phantom x5, face balanced for a straight back straight through putter stroke
  6. I pick according on how the ball feels off the putterhow it responds to chips / pitchesflight and reaction on full wedge shotsflight and reaction on full iron shotsflight on driver shotsget a couple different sleeves at first
  7. I only loosen the screw enough to adjust maybe 5-6 turns then tighten back, never taking the screw totally out. I have a d3, fd and 2 h no problems.
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