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  1. I understand where you are coming from 100%. I never understood the PXG hate myself as I find their customer service top notch. I still will be playing my Gen 1 0311x 2 iron from PXG with my Tensei shaft.
  2. You are probably right because as I stated in my last post, i was getting nearly 2000 rpm of backspin more with the Srixon than the JPX. I am sure there could have been another shaft that may have been better but to be honest, I have been playing the X100 and Dynamic Gold line for over a decade. They feel to me like an iron should feel. Anything different would personally be too much of an adjustment for me.
  3. Ok folks, appreciate the advice. Went to my local shop today and put the Srixon 785 up against the JPX Tour. My spin numbers are going to be the determining factor. With my X100, I was spinning the Mizzys around 5500 rpm off the mat. I was spinning the Srixon 785 8000 rpm! Peak heights were about the same at the standard 90 ft. With this being said I will be going with JPX. They both have very similar feel.
  4. That is exactly the case. I drifted away from my preferred look/feel to attempt to “get with the times” and play something like this. Thank you for the tongue lashing but then the valuable content towards the end! I do appreciate it. Everybody makes mistake right?!
  5. I changed the title for all the haters lol. Thanks for the input.
  6. Bashing PXG is the last thing I am trying to do here. I am very grateful to PXG to offer Heroes pricing for me and whatnot. I am simply saying that these 0211 irons did not work for me. I am unfortunately against the cast, hollow body iron movement for my game having now gamed these for about 12 rounds. They are just not for me and don’t suit my game. The purpose of the post was to just identify these PXG irons as not being for me and go back to the drawing board.
  7. I admit that I certainly made a mistake. I fell into the “trap” and figured that more forgiveness and higher ball speeds couldn’t hurt my game. It has and everything I am reading there are no complaints about either the JPX nor Srixon line
  8. Lol I did not mean for it to come off that I was hitting it so well with the PXG. What I was more getting at was that these hollow, ultra forgiving clubs can be too forgiving. if one is trying to hit a lower shot into a green and but the club is designed to be so forgiving and keep a high trajectory this becomes counterproductive in windy conditions. Bottom line is, since I have put the PXG into play my iron play has suffered.
  9. So the other issue I have with the 0211 is the offset in the longer irons. I am not against a small amount of offset but the 4 and 4 and 5 irons in this set look like an off the planet hook to me. It’s unfortunate that the offset progresses so severely into the longer irons.
  10. Hey guys so I am looking for some opinions/help. For the past few years I have been playing 714 AP2 irons. I’m a 2 handicap. This year I said it was time for a change as the wear was getting pretty heavy. After doing some research I decided to take a shot at the PXG 0211 irons with my tried and true X100. They just are not for me. There is no feel and every shot flies too well. What I mean by that is it is impossible to knock them down and hit the shots I am accustomed to. Now I am back to the drawing board. I want to get something more workable while still not being extremely penalizing. So
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