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  1. Keeping my Tsi3 so moving this out. All price include shipping PayPal and US only. No trades TSi2 10* 1 round and in excellent condition will include headcover and authentic -2g weight = $450 Tensei 60tx - No tipping, 44.25" = $175 Rip 85tx - 1.25, 41.75" = $150 Rip 85tx - .75, 42.25" = $150
  2. Found another weekend car so I need the other side of the garage... Paypal and US only. All prices are OBO and include shipping. TP Mills HandMade Huey = $500
  3. Selling for space Paypal and US only No Trades $550 obo shipped
  4. Played five rounds with no range time (ever) before deciding I missed my 54* 52* 56* 60* +.50" 1* flat S300 Spec sheet for all three included $400 OBO shipped. Paypal and US only
  5. Great to deal with and fast shipping, buy with confidence. GLWS
  6. Last bit of #2 has gotta go Listed prices are OBO and include shipping. Paypal and US only Scotty Cameron Laguna 2 35" = $250
  7. Great guy to deal with, buy with confidence. GLWS Frazier
  8. Garage bag #2 has gotta go Listed prices are OBO and include shipping. Paypal and US only 8) Diamana x17 70x Limited #3773 of 5000 = $250 Tipped .5" - 42" uninstalled pin 5/31
  9. Just a few loose items that are making my OCD flare up. PayPal and US only, ships USPS Priority tomorrow morning. No trades unless you're hawking high end putters Diamana DF 80x 3wd standard tipping (.5") - 42" /// $175 obo Grip master signature series paddle /// $old Graphite Design Tour AD TP 8x 7wd - 41" /// $old Stock Smoke 4wd - 41.75" /// $50
  10. Odds and ends that need a new home. All prices include shipping, PayPal and US only. Odyssey Toulon Palm Beach 35" Typical Golfwrx story, Bought new in Pro Shop, walked straight to the first tee, used one round (today), nope - $old x4 boxes of NEW Srixon XV 19' - $25 per box
  11. Still cleaning out last years sets. All prices are OBO and include shipping. Paypal and USA only MCA Tensei Pro Orange 60tx w/ Titleist TS Driver adapter 44.5" no tipping = $250
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